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MRS Corporate Partner Program LogoThe Materials Research Society invites you to join a select group of professionals who share the Society's commitment to the advancement of scientific research. The MRS Corporate Partner Program offers companies and their leadership direct access to a network of scientists and researchers from more than 80 countries who are dedicated to goal-oriented, interdisciplinary materials research.

MRS will leverage your support to invest in projects that broaden our impact within and outside the materials community. A portion of the funds generated from this Program will be used to support the Materials Research Society Foundation.

The MRS Foundation benefits a wide range of innovative grassroots, member-driven initiatives—from student chapter proposals, to local or regional education/outreach projects, to those with the potential to impact the materials enterprise worldwide. Partnering with our generous sponsors, the Foundation seeks to invest in the growth of the materials profession and the communities it serves.

Support of the MRS Corporate Partner Program serves as visible evidence of your organization's commitment to the Materials Research Society Foundation and the materials communities it serves. The program offers five levels of support—Platinum, Gold, Silver, Titanium and Bronze. Exposure and recognition during this one-year partnership is based on your level of support:

  • Platinum—$25,000
  • Gold—$20,000
  • Silver—$15,000
  • Titanium—$10,000
  • Bronze—$5,000
Start by selecting a sponsorship level, and then customize a benefits package to meet your specific needs.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits »

Sponsors at all levels can select options that provide a variety of unique marketing opportunities. Read more about benefits for Platinum, Gold, Silver, Titanium and Bronze partners.

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List of organizations participating in the MRS Corporate Partner Program.

Corporate Partner Program Brochure (PDF) »

Downloadable PDF brochure outlining the complete MRS Corporate Partner Program

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