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MRS seeks to recognize as MRS Fellows outstanding members whose sustained and distinguished contributions to the advancement of materials research are internationally recognized. It is intended that by representing excellence in science and engineering and dedication to the advancement of materials research, the MRS Fellows will exemplify the highest ideals of accomplishment and service embodied in the MRS Mission.

The inaugural class of MRS Fellows was announced in 2008. Members of previous classes of MRS Fellows can be found on the following pages:

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The following 22 MRS members will be honored as Fellows of the Materials Research Society at the 2014 MRS Spring Meeting in San Francisco. This recognition honors MRS members who are notable for their distinguished accomplishments and their outstanding contributions to the advancement of materials research, worldwide.

2014 MRS Fellow




Joanna Aizenberg
Joanna Aizenberg

Harvard University

"For pioneering contributions in fundamental understanding of biological materials; and for design and assembly of biomimetic architectures with controlled wetting, optical, and mechanical response."

Alexander Balandin
 Alexander Balandin
University of California, Riverside

"For pioneering contributions on the thermal properties of graphene and low-dimensional materials; seminal contributions to the study of quantum confinement effects in nanostructures; and leadership in materials education."

Anna Balazs
Anna C. Balazs

University of Pittsburgh

"For pioneering contributions to the prediction of materials behavior, ranging from nanocomposites to self-healing materials to oscillating gels, through the development of novel computational models."

Zhenan Bao

Stanford University

"For groundbreaking achievements in organic materials chemistry, including molecular design, polymer synthesis, crystallization and patterning, and carbon nanomaterials growth; and for service to the materials community."

James DeYoreo
James J. De Yoreo

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

"For pioneering research in the field of bio-inspired materials science and engineering and distinguished leadership and service to the materials community."

Leonard Feldman
Leonard C. Feldman

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

"For innovative applications of ion beam analysis; seminal contributions to the elucidation of surface and interface structures; and distinguished service to the materials community."

Nasr M. Ghoniem 
Nasr M. Ghoniem

University of California, Los Angeles

"For seminal contributions to the theory of radiation interactions with materials; development of dislocation dynamics to describe material deformation; and service to the materials community."

David Ginley 
David S. Ginley

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

"For outstanding contributions on metal oxides for energy applications and distinguished leadership and service to the materials community."

Alfred Grill

IBM T.J. Watson Research Center

"For seminal contributions in understanding friction/wear properties of diamond-like carbon and advancing its use as a protective coating for magnetic heads/disks; and for development of low-k dielectrics for on-chip interconnects. "

Supratik Guha
Supratik Guha
IBM T. J. Watson Research Center

"For fundamental contributions to the materials science of high-k dielectrics that enable current electronic devices and future device scaling."

Ralph B. James

Brookhaven National Laboratory

"For outstanding experimental and theoretical contributions in materials research leading to the development of compound semiconductors and innovative field-portable instrumentation for detecting and imaging x-ray and gamma-ray radiation."

Quanxi Jia

Los Alamos National Laboratory

"For pioneering contributions to the development of high-temperature superconducting-coated conductors and for advancing the processing and application of multifunctional metal-oxide materials."

William Johnson 
William L. Johnson
California Institute of Technology

"For discovery of bulk, glass-forming metallic alloys and demonstrating their potential as structural materials."

Nicholas Kotov
Nicholas A. Kotov

University of Michigan

"For foundational contributions to the understanding of nanoparticle self-assembly into anisotropic structures and for pioneering research in the design of advanced functional nanocomposites."

David C. Larbalestier

Florida State University &
National High Magnetic Field Laboratory

"For seminal contributions to advancing the understanding and development of high-current-density, high-field superconducting materials; and for application of such superconductors to high-field magnet use."

Cato T. Laurencin
Cato T. Laurencin
University of Connecticut

"For seminal contributions to the use of advanced polymer materials in the medical field and in regenerative medicine."

Seth Marder
Seth R. Marder

Georgia Institute of Technology

"For seminal contributions to fundamental understanding of the relationships between the chemical structure of organic molecules and their electronic and optical, including nonlinear optical, properties."

 Michael Rubner
Michael F. Rubner

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

"For pioneering research in layer-by-layer assembly of functional thin films; inspirational mentoring of two generations of materials scientists; and visionary leadership in the materials community worldwide."

 Henning Sirringhaus
Henning Sirringhaus

University of Cambridge

"For inspired pioneering materials research spanning soft-matter and hard-matter electronics and opt-electronics, from fundamental measurements and processing studies to commercialized device technologies."

 Susanne Stemmer
Susanne Stemmer

University of California, Santa Barbara

"For seminal contributions to quantitative scanning transmission electron microscopy, development of new dielectrics, and the science of oxide heterostructures."

Julia R.Weertman
Northwestern University

"For pioneering contributions in materials research; and seminal and ground-breaking work on dislocations, fatigue, small-angle x-ray diffraction, and nanostructured materials."

 Su-Huai Wei
Su-Huai Wei

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

"For outstanding contributions to electronic structure theory of materials, especially on alloys, semiconductors, nitrides, and oxides; defect control in these materials; and leadership in computational materials science."

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