2016 MRS Fellows

2016 MRS Fellow




Pulickel Ajayan

Rice University

"For sustained and creative work in the development and applications of nanostructured and nanoengineered materials, in particular carbon nanotubes, graphene and other two-dimensional materials."

Timothy Bunning

Air Force Research Laboratory

"For the discovery and development of responsive soft matter electro-optical and photosensitive molecular architectures based on polymer and/or liquid crystalline materials."

Yi Cui
Stanford University

"For outstanding contributions to nanoscale materials design for energy conversion, storage and efficiency, including creative research on battery materials, solar cell photon management, transparent electrodes and topological insulators."

 Alexander Efros
U.S. Naval Research Laboratory

"For pioneering and fundamental contributions to the theory of low dimensional semiconductor structures that includes establishing the basic theoretical concepts commonly used today for describing their electronic and optical properties."

Hongyou Fan

Sandia National Laboratories

"For pioneering contributions to the development of novel synthesis methods and self-assembly processes to fabricate multifunctional nanomaterials for nanoelectronic and nanophotonic applications and service to the materials community."

FerrariAndrea Carlo Ferrari
University of Cambridge

"For seminal research on Raman spectroscopy of carbon materials and leadership role in the development of graphene and other two-dimensional materials in Europe and worldwide."

HuppJoseph Hupp
Northwestern University

"For enabling discoveries in the syntheses of functional porous materials."

Kuech Thomas Kuech
University of Wisconsin–Madison

"For development of the chemical and physical understanding enabling the chemical vapor deposition of compound semiconductors and their use in the formation of optical and electronic devices."

ManthiramArumugam Manthiram
The University of Texas at Austin

"For pioneering contributions to the fundamental understanding and development of materials for energy conversion and storage, novel chemical syntheses, student education and training and leadership."

 Amit Misra

University of Michigan

"For seminal and sustained contributions to nanomechanics and deformation mechanisms of nanocomposites and leadership to the Materials Research Society and the materials community."

P Norlander
 Peter Nordlander

Rice University

"For the development of microscopic theories for plasmonic materials including plasmon hybridization theory and quantum plasmonics that have resulted in a paradigm shift in the understanding, implementation and teaching of nanoscale plasmonics."

 Teri Odom

Northwestern University

"For pioneering contributions to scalable nanofabrication tools and the plasmonic meta-materials with extraordinary optical properties that have resulted from them."

 Ian Robertson

University of Wisconsin–Madison

"For pioneering contributions in understanding the fundamental mechanisms and processes associated with the degradation of materials exposed to extreme conditions, for leadership and service to the materials community."

 Linda Schadler

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

"For seminal research in the field of polymer nanocomposites and for leadership in materials education."

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