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The goal of the Education Symposium Planning Subcommittee is to provide oversight and guidance to support educational symposia, workshops and related activities at MRS meetings.

The number of educational symposia at the MRS meetings has grown rapidly in the last decade, with an education symposium conducted at least one meeting per year since 2001.

Today’s Teaching and Learning in Materials Science—Challenges and Advances
Symposium BI1 at the 2016 MRS Fall Meeting


Education Symposium Planning Handbook
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Bullet  Introduction
Bullet  Meeting Timetable
Bullet  Program
Bullet  Publicity
Bullet  Proceedings
Bullet Symposium Financing
Bullet  History


With a healthy mix of formal and informal science education participants, as well as outreach and professional development activities, a more coordinated support program is needed for these symposia.

By developing a best-practices strategy for quality educational programming at MRS meetings, this subcommittee will help integrate the symposium with other technical and non-technical activities during meetings. In addition, a more coherent approach to providing subjects, topics and invited speakers will lead to an enhanced profile for the materials education community.

In particular, this subcommittee will help:

  • Provide a better institutional mix of symposium organizers, including industry representation
  • Assure a better geographical mix both nationally and internationally and open the possibility of a symposium series with support for high-profile invited speakers
  • Maintain diversity in the background, experience and perspective of symposium organizers

Contact Elizabeth Kupp or Dan Steinberg if you are interested in more information or would like to help.

Education Symposium Planning Handbook


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