Stage Presentation: Should We Hack the Earth's Climate?

David Sittenfeld

David Sittenfeld, Museum of Science

Tuesday, December 3
2:30-3 p.m.
Hynes Convention Center, Level 2, Exhibit Hall C, materials2

David Sittenfeld, Museum of Science, Boston
Should We Hack the Earth's Climate?

Fertilizing the oceans with iron, spraying seawater to brighten clouds, or mimicking volcanoes to dim the sky – these are just a few of the techniques some scientists and policymakers have proposed for avoiding the worst impacts of climate change. 

This presentation discussed examples of geoengineering strategies for large-scale, intentional alteration of the climate system. Attendees learned about how these techniques might work, the potential for unintended consequences, and considered the potential impacts and tradeoffs of these choices upon different people in society.

David Sittenfeld is manager of the Museum of Science's Forum Program, which engages citizens, policymakers and scientists in conversations around emerging scientific and technological issues. He regularly gives talks on topics in current science and technology at the Museum, delivers demonstrations in the exhibit halls, and manages special programs and exhibit projects. Sittenfeld is a member of the executive committee for Expert & Citizen Assessment of Science & Technology, the program group for the Nanoscale Informal Science Education Network, and the outreach planning committee for the Northeastern Section of the American Chemical Society, having received the ACS Salute to Excellence Award in 2011. 


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