iMatSci Innovator Showcase

iMatSci Innovator Showcase provides a platform for technology leaders at universities, research labs and start-up companies to demonstrate the practical applications of innovative, materials-based technologies. The goal of this program is to convene innovators, industry leaders and investors in one location to spur collaboration that accelerates the adoption of new materials technologies for real-world applications.

iMatSci is designed to showcase technologies that have not yet been productized but where there is a working prototype or evidence of a repeatable process. The entities behind these innovations will generally be early stage and pre-revenue; however iMatSci will also consider showcasing innovative technologies that are emerging from an existing corporate entity.


In this clip from MRS TV, iMatSci organizers talk about what the iMatSci program is and why it's important to give scientific innovators a platform for their technology.


The iMat Sci Innovator Showcase was a three-day event held Monday, November 28, 2016, through Wednesday, November 30, 2016.



Georgia Tech



Penn State

UT Dallas