MRS Postdoctoral Awards

Congratulations to the Recipients of the MRS Postdoctoral Awards!

The MRS Postdoctoral Awards recognize postdoctoral scholars who are showing exceptional promise that may include, for example, excellence in scientific research, leadership, advocacy, outreach, or teaching, during their postdoc assignment.

MRS acknowledges the Jiang Family Foundation and MTI Corporation for their generous contribution to support this award.

Qi LiQi Li, The Pennsylvania State University

for advancing the field of polymer nanocomposites for electrical energy storage and conversion.” 

Qi Li received his PhD degree in Materials Science from Wuhan University of Technology in 2013. He then joined Professor Qing Wang’s research group at the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at The Pennsylvania State University as a Postdoctoral Fellow. Li’s research focuses on novel polymer-based nanocomposite materials with unique dielectric properties for electrical energy storage and conversion.

To date, he has published more than 40 papers in peer-reviewed journals including Nature, PNAS, Nature Communications, Advanced Materials, etc. His main scientific contributions include the development of state-of-the-art ferroelectric polymer nanocomposites for electrical energy storage and electrocaloric refrigeration applications, the contributions to understanding of dielectric properties of polymeric materials under high electric fields and elevated temperatures, as well as the synthesis of novel electroactive polymers and nanocomposites for mechanical energy harvesting and electromechanical actuator applications.

Yongming SunYongming Sun, Stanford University

 “for advancing the development of high-capacity battery materials.”

Yongming Sun received his PhD degree from Huazhong University of Science and Technology in 2012. He is currently working with Professor Yi Cui as a postdoctoral associate in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Stanford University. His current research focuses on energy-storage materials and devices, including cathode prelithiation of lithium-ion batteries, flexible/stretchable energy-storage materials and devices, and lithium metal anodes for lithium-based rechargeable batteries.

He has published 40+ papers, including 19 first-authored papers (8 first-authored papers while a postdoc at Stanford, 2 in Nature Energy, 1 in Advanced Materials, 2 in Nano Letters, 1 in Advanced Energy Materials, 1 in Chem, and 1 in Nano Energy). Additionally, he has two patents granted in the United States. According to Google Scholar, his papers have been cited over 2200 times and his H-index is 23.


In this MRS TV interview, MRS Postdoctoral Award recipients Qi Li and Yongming Sun discuss their research and work for which they were honored.