Women in Materials Science & Engineering Breakfast

Wednesday, November 30
7:00 am – 8:30 am
Sheraton, 3rd Floor, Commonwealth

Jean GravesJean Greaves, TalentSmart, Inc.
Emotional Intelligence 20 Years In—How to Apply Findings from Trends and Research

What predicts career performance is the combination of your ability to learn (IQ), your stable traits (personality), and how you conduct yourself and with others on the job (EQ). Emotional intelligence skills enable people to spot and manage emotions in the moment and over time for the benefit of their work and their organization. Using your EQ becomes integral to performing at high levels under uncertainty, stress, and change. In this focused exploration of emotional intelligence (EQ), the four core EQ skills will be discussed, and significant insights from the body of EQ research over the last 20 years highlighted.  This includes trends from TalentSmart’s 26 assessment databases of over a million respondents.  Greaves will translate what these findings mean for professionals working in STEM fields and how they might leverage these findings to maximize their ability to excel personally and professionally at work and throughout their career.


Men and women of materials science are invited to attend this discussion and complimentary breakfast. Advance sign-up and ticket required. Sign up at the MRS Help Center in Hynes, Level 2, by 12:00 pm on Tuesday.


 Topics include:

  1. What is the statistical basis for emotional intelligence skills? What increase in EQ can someone expect when focused on developing their skills?
  2. Which EQ behaviors do professionals working in STEM fields score lowest? What about Millienials?
  3. What size improvement can one expect when working to increase their EQ?
  4. What are best practices for working to increase your EQ?
  5. How long does it take to see improvements?
  6. Which EQ behaviors matter most for leaders?
  7. How do teams and departments build an emotionally intelligent culture?

About Jean Graves

Jean Greaves is an industrial/organizational psychologist, best-selling author, speaker and executive coach specializing in emotional intelligence. She co-founded TalentSmart, Inc. in 2002, now a leading provider of emotional intelligence assessments, training, coaching and leadership development programs worldwide. Greaves holds MA and PhD degrees in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology and a BA degree in Psychology from Stanford University. TalentSmart is located in the United States in San Diego, California, with additional staff based in Pennsylvania, Delaware, North Carolina and Oregon.

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