MRS Advances Manuscript Submission

Submissions for the 2017 MRS Fall Meeting will be accepted from October 30, 2017, through November 16, 2017.

All manuscripts must be submitted electronically. Hard-copy submissions will not be accepted.

Please view the documents on the MRS Advances Author and Editor Information page for important information such as manuscript preparation instructions, style guides, samples and more.

Electronic papers are available to over 14,000 MRS members and a growing number of subscribing institutions. MRS welcomes submission of manuscripts from all 2017 MRS Fall Meeting authors.

Publications list for the 2017 MRS Fall Meeting 

  • MRS Advances: Biomaterials and Soft Materials
  • MRS Advances: Broader Impact
  • MRS Advances: Electronics, Magnetics and Photonics
  • MRS Advances: Energy and Sustainability
  • MRS Advances: Nanomaterials
  • MRS Advances: Processing and Manufacturing
  • MRS Advances: Theory, Characterization and Modeling

Each of the above listed titles contains all accepted papers from the symposia within that meeting cluster.