2009 MRS Fall Meeting & Exhibit

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  • 2009 MRS Fall Meeting & Exhibit

  • November 30-December 4, 2009
  • Boston, Massachusetts
  • Meeting Chairs: Kristi Anseth, Li-Chyong Chen, Peter Gumbsch, Ji-Cheng Zhao

The 2009 MRS Fall Meeting and Exhibit hosted 50 technical symposia, an international exhibit, a number of special events, tutorials and more. Visit the Technical Sessions page for complete calls for papers, programs and proceedings. Abstracts from each symposium are also available.


Symposium A: High-k Dielectrics on Semiconductors with High Carrier Mobility
Symposium B: Reliability and Materials Issues of Semiconductor Optical and Electrical Devices
Symposium C: Large-Area Processing and Patterning for Optical, Photovoltaic, and Electronic Devices II 
Symposium D: Organic Materials for Printable Thin-Film Electronic Devices 
Symposium E: Advanced Materials for Half-Metallic and Organic Spintronics 
Symposium F: Multiferroic and Ferroelectric Materials 
Symposium G: Magnetic Shape Memory Alloys
Symposium H: ZnO and Related Materials 
Symposium I: III-Nitride Materials for Sensing, Energy Conversion, and Controlled Light-Matter Interactions 
Symposium J: Diamond Electronics and Bioelectronics--Fundamentals to Applications III 
Symposium K: Nanotubes and Related Nanostructures 
Symposium L: Large-Area Electronics from Carbon Nanotubes, Graphene, and Related Noncarbon Nanostructures 
Symposium M: Multifunction at the Nanoscale through Nanowires 
Symposium N: Colloidal Nanoparticles for Electronic Applications--Light Emission, Detection, Photovoltaics, and Transport 
Symposium O: Excitons and Plasmon Resonances in Nanostructures II 
Symposium P: The Business of Nanotechnology II 
Symposium Q: Photovoltaic Materials and Manufacturing Issues II 
Symposium R: Advanced Nanostructured Solar Cells 
Symposium S: Organic Materials and Devices for Sustainable Energy Systems 
Symposium T: Nanomaterials for Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cells 
Symposium U: Materials Challenges Facing Electrical Energy Storage
Symposium V: Materials Research Needs to Advance Nuclear Energy 
Symposium W: Hydrogen Storage Materials 
Symposium X: Frontiers of Materials Research 
Symposium Y: Catalytic Materials for Energy, Green Processes, and Nanotechnology 
Z—Energy Harvesting--From Fundamentals to Devices 
Symposium AA: Renewable Biomaterials and Bioenergy--Current Developments and Challenges 
Symposium BB: Green Chemistry in Research and Development of Advanced Materials 
Symposium CC: Phonon Engineering for Enhanced Materials Solutions--Theory and Applications 
Symposium DD: Microelectromechanical Systems--Materials and Devices III 
Symposium EE: Metamaterials--From Modeling and Fabrication to Application 
Symposium FF: Mechanical Behavior of Nanomaterials--Experiments and Modeling 
Symposium GG: Plasticity in Confined Volumes--Modeling and Experiments 
Symposium HH: Multiscale Polycrystal Mechanics of Complex Microstructures 
Symposium II: Mechanochemistry in Materials Science 
Symposium JJ: Multiscale Dynamics in Confining Systems 
KK—Nanoscale Pattern Formation  
LL—Multiphysics Modeling in Materials Design 
MM—Ultrafast Processes in Materials Science 
Symposium NN: Advanced Microscopy and Spectroscopy Techniques for Imaging Materials with High Spatial Resolution 
Symposium OO: Dynamic Scanning Probes--Imaging, Characterization and Manipulation 
Symposium PP: Materials Education
Symposium QQ: Responsive Gels and Biopolymer Assemblies 
Symposium RR: Engineering Biomaterials for Regenerative Medicine 
Symposium SS: Biosurfaces and Biointerfaces 
Symposium TT: Nanobiotechnology and Nanobiophotonics--Opportunities and Challenges 
Symposium UU: Molecular Biomimetics and Materials Design 
Symposium VV: Micro- and Nanoscale Processing of Biomaterials 
Symposium WW: Polymer Nanofibers--Fundamental Studies and Emerging Applications 
Symposium XX: Biological Imaging and Sensing Using Nanoparticle Assemblies 
Symposium YY: Compatibility of Nanomaterials

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