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MRS Statement of Support — Volunteers

MRS recognizes the critical role volunteers have in the future of the society. MRS is committed to maintaining a support infrastructure for volunteers, especially a high-quality headquarters staff focused on partnering with volunteers to advance the MRS Mission.  


The tremendous growth and success of MRS is due to the energy, enthusiasm and vision of many member volunteers. MRS is member-led and member-driven, and there is always a need for new volunteers of varying skills and interests. Want to affect meeting content? Propose symposium topics to future meeting chairs. Want to affect the MRS Bulletin content? Submit topics for special issues to the volume organizers. Interested in government affairs, public outreach or other MRS activities?  There are numerous ways in which you might participate, some of which are outlined below. Your involvement with MRS will help advance the field of materials science and engineering, AND at the same time, it will help you build a strong network of professional contacts and friends.  So take a look… and get involved!

  • Join an MRS Operating Committee
    The MRS Committee structure and Task Forces offer members an invaluable opportunity to participate in, and profoundly influence, the operation of the society.  Operational committees—the operational heart of the society—are made up of energized volunteers with particular interests in areas such as membership, public outreach, academic affairs and more. Many of the successes MRS has seen over the years are the direct result of dedicated volunteers and committee members who have taken on projects and driven them to completion.

  • Submit a proposal for an MRS symposium or workshop
    MRS has long been considered a great “Meeting Society” and that is due to our long-standing policy (unique among scientific societies) of selecting outstanding meeting chairs and empowering them to run their own best possible meeting. Meeting chairs set their own agenda, pick the technical topics and choose or solicit symposia.  The meeting chairs return the favor by empowering their symposium organizers and these groups each drive the content and feel of their own piece of the meeting. Because organizers get such free rein, MRS meetings attract exceptional and energetic scientific leaders who run their symposia in an equally ardent fashion to the meeting.  Most importantly, anyone can propose a symposium topic, and historically, over 30 percent of the symposia come from unsolicited proposals. For many members, the MRS meeting and workshop programs provide a first exposure to scientific leadership. To learn more these exciting opportunities, visit the Meetings section of our website.

  • Publish a paper or article with MRS
    Publishing venues for MRS members include the MRS Bulletin, the Journal of Materials Research (JMR), MRS Energy & Sustainability—A Review Journal and MRS Communications. To propose a theme topic for the Bulletin, or for information on guest-editor opportunities, contact the Bulletin editor.  For authors wishing to submit to JMR, we are pleased to announce that JMR’s new expedited review process has decreased time to decision on a newly submitted paper to below two months. View details on submitting a paper to JMR. In addition, the MRS Proceedings series offer opportunities to publish papers presented at MRS meetings and other scientific and technical meetings. From an author’s point of view, the free online exposure of his or her work to more than 16,000 members of MRS is a significant benefit of Proceedings publication, offering wider distribution and citation than the printed Blue Books alone. More information is available on the Proceedings Publishing page of our website.
  • Join an MRS University Chapter
    University chapters are a vital part of MRS and provide an opportunity for students and faculty to meet and promote student interest in materials science. With over 40 active chapters throughout the United States, we also encourage our student members to network among chapters, to compare notes on recent activities and to brainstorm on new projects and issues of common concern. University chapters are eligible for special benefits from MRS (e.g. distinguished speaker support and travel grants) and may be formed by petition to the MRS Board of Directors.

  • Join the Women in MS&E Discussion Group
    Women in Materials Science and Engineering is the subject of a special breakfast held at both the MRS Spring and Fall Meetings and features a timely discussion of issues facing today’s women in the materials research and engineering professions. If you plan to attend one of our meetings, we urge you to join us for this interactive and informative breakfast event. In addition, MRS members are encouraged to join the Women in MS&E Discussion List—a mailing list for continuing discussion and information exchange on issues affecting women in the materials profession. Women and men are both welcome to participate.

  • Get involved in Strange Matter
    As strange as it may seem, the general public does not entirely understand how exciting materials research is and how it plays a role in their day-to-day lives. For this reason, MRS has created a traveling museum exhibit on materials research called Strange Matter, where visitors enter the fascinating, practical, occasionally bizarre and often beautiful world of materials science through over a dozen hands-on experiences. Many of the museum venues welcome participation of local scientists when Strange Matter comes to their town.

  • Get involved in NISE Network
    The Materials Research Society plays a major role in NISE Network, linking scientists interested in public outreach with informal science education projects, offering authoritative scientific information, and providing meeting venues for NISE Network activities. The NISE Network is an excellent opportunity for MRS members to get involved in high-impact outreach projects in their own communities.

  • Get involved in Inside Science TV
    If you have an idea for a 90-second TV spot on materials science, then consider helping MRS in its involvement with Inside Science TV (ISTV). This program produces short-form news vignettes about cutting-edge research and development in physical and other research sciences designed to fit seamlessly into local television newscasts in markets across the United States and internationally.
  • Take advantage of student opportunities at MRS meetings
    MRS meetings offer a variety of opportunities for student members with varied interests to get involved.  Work as a symposium assistant or help out at the Career Center. Prepare research reports for the MRS Bulletin. Volunteer to assist with events exclusive to a particular meeting, like the MRS Hydrogen Fuel Cell Model Car Challenge. Many of these activities enable you to actually earn some money or earn a complimentary membership for the following year.  For more information on becoming a symposium assistant or volunteering for other activities, contact us.

  • Send a message to Capitol Hill
    Tell your legislators why support of the physical sciences and science education is necessary—for national security, quality of life and a strong economy. With Materials Voice, you can create personalized letters addressed to your representatives on Capitol Hill—which you can then customize and send via email, or print and send via mail or fax. It's essential that our voices be heard on science policy issues. We invite you to discover Materials Voice, and ensure that your message is heard—with resonance—on Capitol Hill.
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