The Materials Research Society is governed by a Board of Directors (comprised of up to 18 members as well as the officers of the society) who are elected by the membership of MRS.   MRS officers include a president, a vice president (who is also president-elect), a secretary, a treasurer and the immediate past president. 

All members of the board, except the president, serve on one of three Board Committees: Planning (PlanCom), Operational Oversight (OpsCom) and External Relations (ERC), and each committee is responsible for formulating policy and strategy issues in their specific areas for full Board consideration. The chairs of these committees plus the officers comprise the Governance Committee (GovCom).

Board of Directors »

The MRS board of directors is comprised of elected officers and directors. Directors are elected for three-year terms with one third of the board changing each year.

Committees »

MRS operating committees form the operational heart of the society and are made up of energized volunteers who wish to help drive forward specific aspects of the society.  If you're interested in serving on a committee, please contact the appropriate committee chair and/or HQ liaison. Contact information is available on each committee page. 

Executive Staff »

Information regarding the executive director and department directors for the Materials Research Society.

Bylaws of the Materials Research Society (PDF) »

This document contains the bylaws of the Materials Research Society, Amended & Restated.  Adopted October 19, 2011.

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