Invited Speakers

Plenary Speakers

Jyoti Bhardwaj, Philips Lumileds
Progress in LED Technology for Solid State Lighting 

Takashi Egawa, Nagoya Institute of Technology
Heteroepitaxial Growth of GaN on Si and Power Device Applications 

Hideki Hirayama, RIKEN
Current Status and Future Directions of III-Nitride Ultraviolet and THz Emitters

Thomas Kazior
, Raytheon
Wafer Scale Integration of GaN with Si CMOS for RF Applications

Umesh Mishra
, University of California, Santa Barbara
Current Status and Future Directions in GaN-based Electronics

Martin Strassburg
Perspectives of III-N Optoelectronics 

Invited Speakers

Audrius Alkauskas, Center for Physical Sciences and Technology
Point-Defect-Assisted Nonradiative Recombination in Nitride Light Emitters

Andrew Allerman, Sandia National Laboratories
Growth of Low Dislocation Density High Aluminum Composition AlGaN Films for Deep UV Emitters

Matthias Auf der Maur, University of Rome Tor Vergata
Efficiency Droop in Green LEDs–Role of Random Alloy Fluctuations

Gad Bahir, Technion—Israel Institute of Technology
Progress in Research on III-Nitride Based Quantum Cascade Detectors

Pallab Bhattacharya/Thomas Frost, University of Michigan
Quantum Well and Quantum Dot LEDs and LDs from Green to Red

Michal Bockowski, Unipress
Recent Progress in Bulk GaN Growth by HVPE on Native Substrates

Peter Brückner, Fraunhofer IAF
GaN HEMTs for High-power Amplifiers

Enrique Calleja, Technical University of Madrid
MBE Growth of Ordered InGaN/GaN Nanocolumns: Applications to Classical/Quantum Light Sources and Pseudosubstrates

Guillaume Cassabois, University of Montpellier
Boron Nitride is an Indirect Bandgap Semiconductor

Yong-Hoon Cho, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
Group III-Nitride Nanostructures for Solid State Lighting and Quantum Photonics

Jürgen Christen, Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg
STEM-CL Analysis of 3D GaN Nanostructures

Andrea Corrion, HRL Laboratories LLC
GaN MMIC Technology for mm-Wave Applications

Aurelien David, SORAA
Transport and Recombination Physics in III-Nitride LEDs

Martin Eickhoff, University of Giessen
Opto-electrochemical Sensing Devices Based on Group III-Nitride Nanowires

Marc Faucher, University Lille
GaN Technology for High-performance MEMS Accelerometers

Patrick Fay, University of Notre Dame
GaN-based Epitaxial Lift-off for Device Applications  

Boris Feigelson, U.S. Naval Research Laboratory
Advances and Challenges in p-Type Doping of GaN by Implantation and Novel Annealing Technique

Marcel Filoche, École Polytechnique, CNRS
A New Approach to Carrier Localization in Disordered Random Alloy Structures

Nicolas Grandjean, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
Transparent Conductive Nitride p-Contacts 

Jung Han, Yale University
Recent Progress in Heteroepitaxy of Semipolar GaN on Sapphire

Andreas Hangleiter, Technische Universität Braundschweig
Efficient Formation of Free Excitons in Nitride Quantum Wells at Room Temperature: Impact on Recombination Processes and LED Droop

Axel Hoffmann, Technische Universität Berlin
Loss Mechanisms in Optoelectronic Devices Operating at High Currents

Colin Humphreys, University of Cambridge
The Atomic Structure of Polar and Non-Polar InGaN Qws Revealed by Combining Different Microscopy and Spectroscopy Methods

Noble Johnson, PARC
Toward Deep-UV AlGaN-based Lasers via E-Beam Excitation

Tetsu Kachi, Nagoya University
Recent Status of Vertical GaN Power Devices

Yoshihiro Kangawa, Kyushu University
Ab Initio-based Approach to Crystal Growth of Nitride Semiconductors: Contribution of Growth Orientation and Surface Reconstruction

Sergey Karpov, SOFTimpact
Radiative and Non-Radiative Processes in InGaN-based LEDs

Alexey Kavokin, University of Southampton
Light Matter Coupling Phenomena in Low Dimensional Nitride Semiconductors

Hiroji Kawai, POWDEC
Low-cost High Voltage GaN Lateral-Superjunction Power Transistors (PSJ-FETs)

Yoichi Kawakami, Kyoto University
Radiative and Nonradiative Recombination Processes in AlGaN-based Quantum Wells

Toshihide Kikkawa, Transphorm
Challenges in GaN Technology for Automobile Applications

Young-Woon Kim, Seoul National University
Luminescence Mapping of Bandgap Fluctuation of GaN/InGaN MQWs in Transmission Electron Microscopy

Toru Kinoshita, Tokuyama Corporation
Recent Progress in the Growth of AlN by HVPE Method on Native AlN Substrates

Emmanouil Kioupakis, University of Michigan
Role of Auger Processes in Nitrides

Michael Kneissl, Technische Universität Berlin
UV Device Design and Performance Characteristics

Liverios Lymperakis, Max Planck Institute
Ordering Phenomena in InGaN Alloys: An Ab-Initio Thermodynamics Study

Shingo Masui, Nichia Corporation
High Power Blue and Green AlInGaN Laser Diodes

Elison Matioli, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
Room Temperature Ballistic Transport in III-Nitrides

Matteo Meneghini, University of Padova
Status on Reliability Mechanisms of III-N Electronic Devices

David Meyer, U.S. Naval Research Laboratory
Epitaxial Conductors: Transition Metal Nitride Integration with III-N Materials

Zetian Mi, McGill University
Photocatalytic Water Splitting with III-Nitride Nanowires

Peter Moens, ON Semiconductors
AlGaN/GaN-on-Si Power Device Technology: From Simple 1D Wafer Characterization Techniques to Reliable and Current-Collapse Free Large Area Power Devices

Hisashi Murakami, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
Tri-Halide Vapor Phase Epitaxy of GaN and InGaN Layers

Shuichi Nagai, Panasonic Corporation
Recent Work on GaN Devices/Circuits for RF and Power Electronics Applications

Rainer Niewa, Universität Stuttgart
Potential of the Ammonothermal Method for Growth of III-N Compounds Including InN

Yong Jo Park, Samsung
Characteristics of GaN-based LED on Alumina Cavity Engineered Sapphire Substrate

Cyril Pernot, Nikkiso Co., LTD
Recent Progress and Applications of AlGaN Deep-UV LEDs

Steven Ringel, The Ohio State University
Traps in GaN/Si HEMTs and Future Technologies for High Voltage Applications 

Makoto Saito, Tohoku University/Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation
Technological and Industrial Perspectives of Acidic Ammonothermal Growth 

Akira Sakai, Osaka University
Three-dimensional Reciprocal Space Mapping Analysis for Localized Structures and Defects in Nitride Semiconductor Materials

Lars Samuelson, Lund University 
Nanowire-based Blue-, Green- and Red-emitting LEDs for Displays and Lighting

Stefan Schulz, Tyndall National Institute
Structural, Electronic and Optical Properties in m-Plane InGaN QWs

Debbie Senesky, Stanford University
GaN Based Sensors for Harsh Environment Applications

Zlatko Sitar, North Carolina State University
Progress and Remaining Challenges in UVC Laser Development

Masatomo Sumiya, National Institute for Materials Science 
Key Factors for Improvement of InGaN Photovoltaic Performance

Steven Tom, Texas Instruments
Rethinking Power Density: How GaN is Changing the Game in Power Electronics  

Achim Trampert, Paul-Drude-Institute for Solid State Electronics
Advanced Nanofocus X-Ray Diffraction and Electron Microscopy Study of 3D GaN Nanostructures

Shigetaka Tomiya, Sony Corporation, Advanced Materials Laboratories
Structural Characterization of GaInN Quantum Wells Using Transmission Electron Microccopy and Atom Probe Tomography 

Filip Tuomisto, Aalto University
Positron Spectroscopy of III-Nitrides

Chris Van de Walle, University of California, Santa Barbara
Correct Implementation of Polarization Constants in Nitride Semiconductors

Xinqiang Wang, Peking University
Atomic Level Manipulation in Molecular Beam Epitaxy of III-Nitrides

Markus Weyers, Ferdinand Braun Institute
Low Defect Density AlN and AlGaN for UV LEDs

Yuh-Renn Wu, National Taiwan University
Impact of Atomic Disorder in InGaN QW LEDs

Agne Zukauskaite, Fraunhofer IAF
AlScN, AlYN, and InYN—Emerging Nitride Solid Solutions



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