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The world-renowned public television science series NOVA, working in cooperation with the Materials Research Society (MRS), introduced the science of materials to the general public for the first time in January 2011, when MAKING STUFF: Stronger, Smaller, Cleaner, Smarter first aired. This highly-popular series set NOVA viewership records and led to a rebroadcast in September 2012 and again in August 2013.

Making More Stuff    

MAKING MORE STUFF: Colder, Faster, Wilder, Safer
premiered October 16, 2013.

The fascinating four-hour series returned to PBS for four nights beginning October 16, 2013, to take viewers on another thrilling tour of the materials world. MAKING MORE STUFF presents dramatic stories detailing the field of technology, how it has changed history and how it is shaping our future. Each one-hour episode—Colder, Faster, Wilder and Safer—gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look at scientific innovations happening every day. After viewing, explore the MAKING MORE STUFF Quiz to see how much you've learned.

MAKING STUFF is hosted by respected journalist, New York Times technology columnist and Emmy Award-winning CBS News correspondent David Pogue. For more information, visit Check local listings for programming times.

Join In—MAKING STUFF with a Community of Practice

NOVA MAKING STUFF Outreach Community
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Do you work at a museum or at a science center? Are you an educator? If so, join NOVA and the online MAKING STUFF Outreach Community to build knowledge around “making” by “teaching and learning about engineering and design through hands-on experience, tinkering, creativity, and play.”


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We encourage you to seek out community partnerships and embark on a remarkable science and technology exploration. Contact old and new friends and discuss developing activities to promote an understanding of materials science. View this list for possible collaboration partners in your community.

Using the following resource links, each local or regional institution or partnership can find a vast array of educational resources:

MAKING STUFF Education Collection

Check out NOVA’s new online collection of video resources for educators. Use this collection of videos to inspire your classroom and presentations: find a video clip to start a discussion with your students, incorporate an activity or demonstration into your class or get some ideas about how these resources can be strung together with our example lesson plan.

And don't miss  What's This Stuff?, a game to identify 10 mystery materials using videos and clue cards. In this interactive lesson, learn about properties of materials such as tensile and compressive strength, toughness, hardness, ductility, malleability, flexibility, electrical and thermal conductivity, and resistance to molds, water, heat and corrosion. Put your materials knowledge to the test!

Don’t forget the MAKING STUFF Resource Toolkit and Activities Guide to engage your community! With these materials you can create after-school and community programs for middle and high school youth, families, educators, engineers and scientists that explore materials science. "Viewers" become active "doers" in the process of science and engineering. You will also find all the promotional materials you need to host an event.

Even More Resources 

One-Stop Shop

Some of your old favorites, as well as new hands-on activities, videos and other resources about materials science from award winning websites such as Strange Matter, NISE Network and NanoDays can be found at the Science Enthusiasts website.

If you have any questions or need help making connections to other groups in your community, contact: Richard Souza, manager, education and outreach, Materials Research Society.


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