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Materials Under Pressure

Presented by MRS Bulletin
October 25, 2017 | 12:00-1:30 p.m. (ET)

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The October 2017 MRS Bulletin issue on “Materials under pressure” focuses on several of the many and diverse domains of advanced materials research where the pressure (or stress) applied is used to alter or otherwise garner information on the material properties. Also included is an overview of research in which the application of high pressure—often combined with high temperatures and advanced analysis—has led to technological progress in the preparation of super hard materials. In addition, the response of materials such as glasses and perovskites to high stress conditions is discussed, and the structural, dynamical, and phase behavior of biological systems is considered.  The talks in this webinar will expand upon the articles in the MRS Bulletin issue, and attendees will be able to interact–in real time–with the webinar presenters.


Anita Zeidler

Anita Zeidler

University of Bath


Natalia Dubrovinskaia

Nanocrystalline Diamond—Unique Carbon Material for Ultra-High Pressure Generation and Optical Applications

Natalia Dubrovinskaia
University of Bayreuth


Stress/Strain and the Plastic Deformation of Materials Under Pressure

Patrick Cordier
University of Lille