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Materials360 is a semi-monthly e-newsletter from MRS encapsulating current happenings in materials research and professional activities that will give you information at a glance on the rapidly changing world of materials. We know you don't have a lot of spare time to wade through literature and websites. Let MRS help narrow the search for you.

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Latest Issue

September 2014 (Volume 14, Issue 17)

Sep 10, 2014, 16:16 PM
The first September issue of the Materials 360 Newsletter features news on a 3D-printing technique to form porous materials that bend under pressure; the first known soft, shape-shifting vesicle to be synthesized in a lab; and a flexible optoelectronic device that autonomously mimics its surroundings, inspired by the octopus’s ability for camouflage. Also included is the latest issue of the MRS Bulletin on low-temperature solid-oxide fuel cells, Alexander A. Balandin’s article based on his MRS Medal presentation, and debut of the MRS Career Central Job Board.
  • 2014

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