MRS Mentoring Program

MRS's mentoring program is designed to match seasoned materials scientists with graduate students seeking guidance and support in building a future career path in materials research.

Participants in the mentoring program have access to:

  • A web page containing information, links and resources about the program and topics such as mentor/mentee expectations, anticipated outcomes, career development opportunities, finding mentors with similar personalities and more
  • Access to programs and workshops addressing topics such as how to prepare to pursue a career as faculty, at a government lab or in industry; mentoring strategies; women-specific challenges; balancing work/life issues; and others
  • Guidance and information on the qualities of a good mentoring relationships, tip sheets and guide to the mentoring process

This initiative is the product of a joint effort between the MRS Diversity Subcommittee and Women in Materials Science and Engineering Subcommittee, both which are dedicated to advancing women and underrepresented minorities in the field. 


In this MRS TV interview from the 2014 MRS Spring Meeting, Symposium Organizer Marilyn Minus talks about mentoring, career development and why it is important for career scientists to explain their work to the general public.


More information on the Mentoring Program can be found below:

Questions? Please contact Michele Feder, manager of volunteer affairs, or Amy Lynn Gillian-Daniel, MRS Diversity Subcommittee chair.

**The Diversity Subcommittee is currently seeking volunteers to help with the mentoring program. If you would like to contribute to advancing the MRS mission while expanding your professional network and developing leadership skills, contact Amy Lynn or Michele to learn how to get involved today!

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