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Current and Past MRS/OSA Fellows 

Felicia LucciThe Materials Research Society and Optical Society of America are pleased to announce their 2016-2017 Congressional Science and Engineering Fellow, Felicia Lucci of Tufts University.

Lucci earned her Ph.D. in chemistry from Tufts University, Massachusetts, where she studied surface catalyzed chemical reactions that are important to industrial catalysts and energy production. Through collaborations with both theoretical chemists and chemical engineers, her research guided the design of a new generation of improved platinum-based catalysts with enhanced reactivity and selectivity that utilized single isolated reactive atoms in inert metallic hosts.

Lucci received her B.A. in chemistry from Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, where she first developed an interest in disseminating scientific results. In graduate school, her volunteer efforts emphasized empowerment of the general public and young chemists to make educated decisions based on scientific fact. As chair of the Northeastern Section Younger Chemist Committee, she created opportunities to increase the interaction of young chemists with established chemists locally, nationally, and internationally. She also developed classes on renewable energy and nanoscience specifically targeted to multiple audiences including elementary students, high school students and senior citizens. Though the scientific topics of her volunteer work have been diverse, from alternative energy to science diplomacy, she has been committed to communicating impactful scientific results to the general public. 

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