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2014 MRS Spring Meeting OnDemandMRS TV
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The following content from the 2014 MRS Spring Meeting will be available via MRS OnDemand:

Live-Streamed Event

  • Technology Innovation Forum VII
    Monday, April 21 | 4-8:30 p.m. ET (1-6:30 p.m. PT)
    The seventh Technology Innovation Forum, Challenges and Opportunities in Commercializing Materials Research, focuses on various aspects of how to transition a promising materials technology to market. The Forum is intended for researchers and entrepreneurs seeking to begin a start-up company, create a more entrepreneurial culture within an organization ("intra-preneurial thinking"), or license their technology to an existing company.

Special Events and Awards


  • Tutorial E/H: Defect Prediction and Measurement Techniques for Solar Energy Materials
  • Tutorial HH: Phase-Change Materials—From Basic Properties to Applications
  • Tutorial SS: Fundamentals of Non-classical Crystallization 
  • Tutorial WW: An Introduction to Materials Simulations
  • Tutorial YY: Recognizing and Addressing "Big Data" Problems
  • Tutorial AAA: Application of In-situ X-ray Absorption, Emission and Powder Diffraction Studies in Nanomaterials Research—From the Design of an In-situ Experiment to Data Analysis
  • Tutorial FFF: Safety First—Enhancing Safety in Academic Research Laboratories


  • Symposium A: Film-Silicon Science and Technology
  • Symposium C: Synthesis and Processing of Organic and Polymeric Materials for Semiconductor Applications
  • Symposium D: Materials for Photoelectrochemical and Photocatalytic Solar-Energy Harvesting and Storage
  • Symposium E: Earth-Abundant Inorganic Solar-Energy Conversion
  • Symposium F: Controlling the Interaction between Light and Semiconductor Nanostructures for Energy Applications
  • Symposium I: Materials for Carbon Capture
  • Symposium L: Materials and Interfaces in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
  • Symposium N: Research Frontiers on Electrochemical Energy Storage Materials— Design, Synthesis, Characterization and Modeling
  • Symposium R: Materials Challenges and Integration Strategies for Flexible Energy Devices and Systems
  • Symposium W: Functional Biomaterials for Regenerative Engineering
  • Symposium Z: Bioelectronics—Materials, Processes and Applications
  • Symposium BB: Materials for End-of-Roadmap Devices in Logic, Power and Memory
  • Symposium HH: Phase-Change Materials for Memory, Reconfigurable Electronics and Cognitive Applications
  • Symposium II: Emerging Nanophotonic Materials and Devices
  • Symposium LL: Transparent Electrodes
  • Symposium MM: Nanotubes and Related Nanostructures
  • Symposium OO: De Novo Graphene
  • Symposium PP: Nanodiamonds—Fundamentals and Applications
  • Symposium QQ: Computationally Enabled Discoveries in Synthesis, Structure and Properties of Nanoscale Materials
  • Symposium SS: Nanocrystal Growth via Oriented Attachment and Mesocrystal Formation
  • Symposium UU: Semiconductor Nanowires—Synthesis, Properties and Applications
  • Symposium WW: Materials by Design—Merging Advanced In-Situ Characterization with Predictive Simulation
  • Symposium XX: Shape Programmable Materials
  • Symposium EEE: Materials Behavior under Extreme Irradiation, Stress or Temperature
  • Symposium FFF: Educating and Mentoring Young Materials Scientists for Career Development

And introducing — MRS TV!

A TV program dedicated to news and views from the 2014 MRS Spring Meeting. Meeting attendees will be able to watch MRS TV from around the venue and in select hotels on the following channels:

  • San Francisco Marriott Marquis - Channel 47
  • The Westin San Francisco Market Street - Channel 50
  • Park 55 Wyndham -- Channel 50
  • Intercontinental San Francisco -- Channel 3

We invite you to view the MRS TV highlights from the 2014 MRS Spring Meeting:



MRS OnDemand Webinars

The MRS OnDemand Webinar Series offers free, live webinars throughout the year, providing valuable educational information on timely, interdisciplinary topics. Expert speakers deliver knowledge on a variety of cutting-edge topics, and answer questions submitted by live viewers. This is a great opportunity to learn while networking with other researchers from around the world. We hope that you will join us for our next online event. (View complete details on the MRS OnDemand Webinar Series.)

Upcoming Webinars

Elastic Strain Engineering | Presented by MRS Bulletin
Tuesday, May 6, 2014 | 11 a.m.-2:30 p.m. (ET) 
Download Webinar Flyer 
| Register Online (free)

Hosted by Ju Li, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Featuring talks by:

  • Martin Friak, Max-Planck Institute for Iron Research
  • Darrell Schlom, Cornell University
  • Bilge Yildiz, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Vinayak Dravid, Northwestern University

Agilent TechnologiesAgilent Technologies sponsored MRS OnDemand's first webinar: Nanoindentation: Fundamentals and Frontiers. The webinar explored the basic concepts for applying nanoindentation as well as some of the newest measurement frontiers being explored today. Nanoindentation: Fundamentals and Frontiers is available for free viewing through MRS OnDemand.

Recording Policy

MRS reserves the recording and production rights to all audio and video at MRS events. Unauthorized recording (audio, video, still photography, etc.) of presentations (during sessions, workshops, tutorials, etc.) and of meeting activities including the exhibition, without the express written consent of MRS and individual authors is strictly prohibited. Attendees or exhibitors may photograph their own activity, but permission must be obtained from all involved parties before photographs may be taken of other people or displays at the meeting or exhibition. Press representatives must receive media credentials and permission from MRS. Those who do not comply may be asked to leave the premises.

MRS will be videotaping selected presentations and random events during the meeting to post on its website. Please be aware that this recording may also capture video images and/or audio of the conference attendees. If you do not wish to appear in these videos, please notify MRS by email immediately:


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