Public Outreach Activities

A key component of the MRS mission statement is “to promote communication for the advancement of interdisciplinary materials research to improve the quality of life.” In keeping with that goal, MRS is committed to promoting the study of materials research to students, as well as furthering an understanding of the principles of materials science to society at large.

Examples of that commitment include:

Strange Matter Green Earth

Strange Matter Green Earth is an international traveling materials science exhibition that will enable millions of people across the globe to explore ways in which advances in materials can lead to a more sustainable future.


The Impact of Materials on Society course teaches students that engineering shapes and is shaped by social and cultural variables, and that a career in engineering is not only about math and science, but also about social problem-solving. 

Strange Matter, an interactive traveling materials science exhibit

Strange Matter is a traveling interactive materials science exhibit with more than a dozen hands-on experiences developed by MRS, the National Science Foundation and the Ontario Science Centre.

NISE Network, a major National Science Foundation (NSF) initiative

NISE Network is a major National Science Foundation (NSF) initiative to form a national infrastructure that links science museums and other informal science education organizations with nanoscale science and engineering research organizations.

 NanoDays, materials science activities bringing university researchers together with science museum educators

NanoDays activities bring university researchers together with science museum educators, creating unique learning experiences for all ages. Browse their online catalog for lots of ideas about what you could do for NanoDays.

 Making Stuff, a four-part materials science series aired on PBS

Making Stuff is a four-part PBS prime-time television series from the award-winning producers of NOVA developed in partnership with the Materials Research Society.

 Inside Science TV, host of science news videos, including many materials science news clips

Inside Science TV is a syndicated science and engineering news service which brings a broad range of 90-second physical and biological news stories to the U.S. public, showcasing ways in which science influences our daily lives.

Learn more about the importance of public outreach and the MRS Public Outreach Committee.

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