Symposium B: Heterogeneous Integration Challenges of MEMS, Sensor and CMOS LSI *

Heterogeneous Integration Challenges of MEMS, Sensor and CMOS LSI

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The heterogeneous integration is promising as the solution of so-called More than Moore, and it can be achieved by various combinations of MEMS and sensor, MEMS on CMOS, etc.  The material, packaging, and fabrication processes are also important for the integration.

Recently, the CMOS-MEMS technology has become attractive for some commercial applications.  Based on material science and technology, new device structure and fabrication technology will be developed for novel CMOS-MEMS.  Furthermore, simulation, packaging, and testing technology will bring CMOS-MEMS up from research to the realistic world.  This symposium focuses on the integration, various device structures, fabrication, simulation, packaging, testing, and their materials.

Session topics will include:

  • Fabrication process, lithograph, deposition, and etching
  • Integration technology and CMOS-MEMS
  • Device structure and design
  • RF-MEMS, sensor-MEMS, power-MEMS, bio-MEMS, opt-MEMS, and microreactor
  • NEMS
  • Reliability and degradation mechanism
  • Multiphysics analysis and simulation
  • Material for MEMS/MEMS for material
  • Testing method/analysis instruments
  • Novel application of MEMS
  • Packaging

Invited speakers (tentative) include:

B. Courtois (CMP, France): CMOS-MEMS; M. Esashi (Tohoku Univ., Japan): Microsystem; H. Fujita (Univ. of Tokyo, Japan): Bio-MEMS and Nanosystem; T. Hirano (Hitachi GST): MEMS; M. Ishida (Toyohashi Univ. of Technology, Japan): Smart Sensor and CMOS; Sang Wook Lee (Konkuk Univ., Korea): Novel Device Structures Based on Carbon-based MEMS and NEMS; G. P. Li (Univ. of California, Irvine): Optical MEMS; L. Lin (Univ. of California, Berkeley): MEMS and NEMS; Y. Shimooka (Toshiba Corp., Japan): RF-MEMS and CMOS; L. Steyn (Pixtronix): Optical MEMS; M. C. Wu (Univ. of California, Berkeley): Optical MEMS.

Symposium Organizers

Kazuya Masu
Tokyo Institute of Technology
Solutions Research Laboratory, S2-14
4259 Nagatsuta, Midori-ku
Yokohama, Kanagawa 226-8503, Japan
Tel 81-45-924-5020, Fax 81-45-924-5010  

Kazuaki Sawada
Toyohashi University of Technology
Dept. of Electrical and Electronic Information Engineering
Tempaku-cho, Toyohashi 441-8580, Japan
Tel/Fax 81-532-44-6739  

Hiroshi Toshiyoshi
The University of Tokyo, Institute of Industrial Science
4-6-1 Komaba, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-8904, Japan
Tel 81-3-5452-6276, Fax 81-3-5452-5135 

Benoit Charlot
Université Monptellier II, Institute d'Electronique de Sud
Place E. Bataillon
F-34095 Montpellier, cedex 5, France
Tel/Fax 33-4-6714-3785 

Albert P. Pisano 
University of California, Berkeley
MS 1740
6143 Etcheverry Hall, Berkeley, CA 94720-1740
Tel 510-643-7013  


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