Symposium D: Nanocontacts -- Emerging Materials and Processing for Ohmicity and Rectification

Nanocontacts—Emerging Materials and Processing for Ohmicity and Rectification

The rapid advances in synthesis and fabrication of nanostructures have fueled tremendous growth in the area of nanoscience and nano- engineering.  Nanostructures such as carbon nanotubes, nanowires and graphene are being intensively explored for future nanoelectronic, nanophotonic, and energy storage applications.  In order for these nanosystems to progress from the research laboratory to technology, it is critical to precisely understand and control our ability to efficiently inject charge at the electrical contacts.  With the continued shrinking of MOSFET dimensions, the incorporation of novel materials, the integration of new geometries, and the demand of ultralow resistance source/drain contacts in “next-generation” device applications, the underlying physics of contact formation and carrier transport must be re-examined.  This symposium will focus on challenges and strategies for fabricating Ohmic and rectifying contacts relevant to emerging nanomaterials as well as advanced MOSFET technology; the underlying physics of contact formation and charge injection into nano- and molecular-scale devices; novel techniques for contact characterization; contact reliability; and contact issues for large-scale nanostructure integration into nontraditional, low-cost, and flexible devices applications.

Session topics will include:

  • Schottky and Ohmic source/drain contact in next-generation MOSFETs
  • Metal/semiconductor contact formation at the nanoscale
  • Materials issues in contacts to nanotubes, nanowires, quantum dots, and graphene
  • Electrical contacts in molecular electronics
  • Nanocontacts and transport at the organic-inorganic interfaces
  • Contacts for spintronics
  • Contacts to nanomaterials in energy conversion/storage

Invited speakers include (partial list):

Yi-Chia Chou (IBM T. J. Watson Research Ctr.), Yu Huang (Univ. of California, Los Angeles), Lincoln Lauhon (Northwestern Univ.), Francois Leonard (Sandia National Labs), Richard Martel (Univ. de Montreal), Suzanne Mohney (Pennsylvania State Univ.), Juan Jose Palacios (Univ. de Alicante, Spain), Mark Raymond (GLOBALFOUNDRIES), Ilan Goldfarb (HP Labs/Tel Aviv Univ., Israel), Shili Zhang (Uppsala Univ., Sweden).

Symposium Organizers

A. Alec Talin
MS 6204
100 Bureau Dr.
Gaithersburg, MD 20899
Tel 301-975-4724 

M. Saif Islam
University of California, Davis
Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Davis, CA 95616
Tel 530-754-6732, Fax 530-754-6732 

Christian Lavoie
IBM T. J. Watson Research Center
1101 Kitchawan Rd.
Yorktown Heights, NY 10598
Tel 914-945-2180 

King-Ning Tu
University of California, Los Angeles
Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering
410 Westwood Plaza
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1595
Tel 310-206-4838, Fax 310-206-7353 


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