Call For Papers

2012 MRS Spring Meeting Symposia

The Calls for Papers for the 2012 MRS Spring Meeting are posted below.
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Electronics and Photonics 

  • Symposium A: Amorphous and Polycrystalline Thin-Film Silicon Science and Technology
  • Symposium B: Heterogeneous Integration Challenges of MEMS, Sensor, and CMOS LSI  *  
  • Symposium C: Interconnect Challenges for CMOS Technology–Materials, Processes, and Reliability for Downscaling, Packaging, and 3D Stacking
  • Symposium D: Nanocontacts–Emerging Materials and Processing for Ohmicity and Rectification
  • Symposium E: Materials and Physics of Emerging Nonvolatile Memories  * 
  • Symposium F: Phase-Change Materials for Memory and Reconfigurable Electronics Applications
  • Symposium G: Reliability and Materials Issues of III-V and II-VI Semiconductor Optical and Electron Devices and Materials II  * 
  • Symposium H: Silicon Carbide–Materials, Processing, and Devices
  • Symposium I: Recent Advances in Superconductors, Novel Compounds, and High-Tc Materials * 
  • Symposium J: Organic and Hybrid-Organic Electronics
  • Symposium K: Advanced Materials and Processes for “Systems-on-Plastic”  * 
  • Symposium L: Group IV Photonics for Sensing and Imaging  * 
  • Symposium M: Optical Interconnects–Materials, Performance, and Applications

Materials Science and Materials Chemistry for Energy 

  • Symposium N: One-Dimensional Nanostructured Materials for Energy Conversion and Storage
  • Symposium O: Next-Generation Energy Storage Materials and Systems
  • Symposium P: Advanced Materials and Nanoframeworks for Hydrogen Storage and Carbon Capture
  • Symposium Q: Titanium Dioxide Nanomaterials
  • Symposium R: Bandgap Engineering and Interfaces of Metal Oxides for Energy
  • Symposium S: Design of Materials for Sustainable Nuclear Energy
  • Symposium T: Bio-inspired Materials for Energy Applications
  • Symposium U: Materials for Catalysis in Energy
  • Symposium V: Advanced Materials Processing for Scalable Solar-Cell Manufacturing II
  • Symposium W: Nanostructured Solar Cells
  • Symposium Y: Actinides–Basic Science, Applications, and Technology
  • Symposium Z: Conjugated Organic Materials for Energy Conversion, Energy Storage, and Charge Transport

Nanostructured Materials and Devices 

  • Symposium AA: Inorganic Nanowires and Nanotubes–Synthesis, Properties, and Device Applications  * 
  • Symposium BB: Solution Synthesis of Inorganic Films and Nanostructured Materials
  • Symposium CC: Hierarchically Self-assembled Materials–From Molecule to Nano and Beyond
  • Symposium DD: De Novo Carbon Nanomaterials
  • Symposium EE: New Functional Nanocarbon Devices  * 
  • Symposium FF: Nanodiamond Particles and Related Materials–From Basic Science to Applications
  • Symposium GG: Functional Inorganic Nanoparticle-Polymer Composites with Engineered Structures and Coupled Properties
  • Symposium HH: Nanocomposites, Nanostructures, and Heterostructures of Correlated Oxide Systems  * 
  • Symposium II: Nanoscale Materials Modification by Photon, Ion, and Electron Beams  * 
  • Symposium JJ: Nanoscale Thermoelectrics–Materials and Transport Phenomena
  • Symposium KK: Plasmonic Materials and Metamaterials
  • Symposium LL: New Trends and Developments in Nanomagnetism
  • Symposium MM: Topological Insulators

Biological, Biomedical, and Bio-inspired Materials 

  • Symposium NN: DNA Nanotechnology
  • Symposium OO: Structure-Function Design Strategies for Bio-enabled Materials Systems
  • Symposium PP: Manipulating Cellular Microenvironments
  • Symposium QQ: Mechanobiology of Cells and Materials
  • Symposium RR: Molecules to Materials–Multiscale Interfacial Phenomena in Biological and Bio-inspired Materials
  • Symposium SS: Structure/Property Relationships in Biological and Biomimetic Materials at the Micro-, Nano-, and Atomic-Length Scales
  • Symposium TT: Interfaces in Materials, Biology, and Physiology
  • Symposium UU: Integration of Natural and Synthetic Biomaterials with Organic Electronics
  • Symposium VV: Nanomedicine for Molecular Imaging and Therapy
  • Symposium WW: Plasma Processing and Diagnostics for Life Sciences  * 

General Materials Science 

  • Symposium X: Frontiers of Materials Research
  • Symposium XX: Computational Materials Design in Heterogeneous Systems
  • Symposium YY: Rare-Earth-based Materials 
  • Symposium ZZ: Transforming Education in Materials Science and Engineering
  • Symposium AAA: Synthesis, Fabrication, and Assembly of Functional Particles and Capsules 
  • Symposium BBB: Functional Materials and Ionic Liquids
  • Symposium CCC: Local Probing Techniques and In-Situ Measurements in Materials Science

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