Technical Sessions

Author Index

Symposium A: Film Silicon Science and Technology

Symposium B: Organic and Hybrid Photovoltaic Materials and Devices

Symposium C: Thin-Film Compound Semiconductor Photovoltaics

Symposium D: From Molecules to Materials—Pathways to Artificial Photosynthesis

Symposium E: Materials and Integration Challenges for Energy Generation and Storage in Mobile Electronic Devices

Symposium F: Materials for Vehicular and Grid Energy Storage

Symposium G: Electrochemical Interfaces for Energy Storage and Conversion—Fundamental Insights from Experiments and Computations

Symposium H: Nanoscale Thermoelectrics—Materials and Transport Phenomena - II

Symposium I: Materials for Solid-State Refrigeration

Symposium J: In-Situ Characterization Methods in Energy Materials Research

Symposium K: Materials for Sustainable Development

Symposium L: Nanoparticle Manufacturing, Functionalization, Assembly, and Integration

Symposium M: Solution Synthesis of Inorganic Functional Materials—Films, Nanoparticles, and Nanocomposites

Symposium N: Nanomaterials in the Subnanometer-Size Range

Symposium O: Beyond Graphene—2D Atomic Layers from Layered Materials

Symposium P: Graphene and Related Carbon Nanomaterials

Symposium Q: Surfaces of Nanoscale Semiconductors

Symposium R: Nanostructured Semiconductors and Nanotechnology

Symposium S: Nanostructured Metal Oxides for Advanced Applications

Symposium T: Electrical Contacts to Nanomaterials and Nanodevices

Symposium U: Measurements of Atomic Arrangements and Local Vibrations in Nanostructured Materials

Symposium V: Nanoscale Heat Transport—From Fundamentals to Devices

Symposium W: Piezoelectric Nanogenerators and Piezotronics

Symposium X: Frontiers of Materials Research

Symposium Y: Advances in Scanning Probe Microscopy for Imaging Functionality on the Nanoscale

Symposium Z: Nanotechnology and Sustainability

Symposium AA: Advanced Interconnects for Micro- and Nanoelectronics–Materials, Processes, and Reliability

Symposium BB: Evolutions in Planarization—Equipment, Materials, Techniques, and Applications

Symposium CC: Gate Stack Technology for End-of-Roadmap Devices in Logic, Power, and Memory

Symposium DD: Emerging Materials and Devices for Future Nonvolatile Memories

Symposium EE: Phase-Change Materials for Memory, Reconfigurable Electronics, and Cognitive Applications

Symposium FF: Compound Semiconductors for Generating, Emitting, and Manipulating Energy - II

Symposium GG: Single-Dopant Semiconductor Optoelectronics

Symposium HH: Materials for High-Performance Photonics - II

Symposium II: Resonant Optics in Metallic and Dielectric Structures—Fundamentals and Applications

Symposium JJ: Fundamental Processes in Organic Electronics

Symposium KK: Charge and Spin Transport in Organic Semiconductor Materials

Symposium LL: Hybrid Inorganic-Biological Materials

Symposium MM: New Tools for Cancer Using Nanomaterials, Nanostructures, and Nanodevices

Symposium NN: Multifunctional Biomaterials

Symposium OO: Design of Cell-Instructive Materials

Symposium PP: Adaptive Soft Matter through Molecular Networks

Symposium QQ: Conjugated Polymers in Sensing and Biomedical Applications

Symposium RR: Lanthanide Nanomaterials for Imaging, Sensing, and Optoelectronics

Symposium SS: Bioelectronics—Materials, Interfaces, and Applications

Symposium TT: Materials and Processes for Electronic Skins

Symposium UU: Plasma and Low-Energy Ion-Beam-assisted Processing and Synthesis of Energy-related Materials

Symposium VV: Materials Applications of Ionic Liquids

Symposium WW: Nuclear Radiation Detection Materials

Symposium XX: Oxide Thin Films and Heterostructures for Advanced Information and Energy Technologies

Symposium YY: Titanium Dioxide—Fundamentals and Applications

Symposium ZZ: Carbon Functional Interfaces - II

Symposium AAA: Superconducting Materials—From Basic Science to Deployment

Symposium BBB: Size-Dependent and Coupled Properties of Materials

Symposium CCC: Novel Functionality by Reversible Phase Transformation

Symposium DDD: Extreme Environments—A Route to Novel Materials

Symposium EEE: Materials Education—Toward a Lab-to-Classroom Initiative

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