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2010 MRS Spring Meeting

This picture is created from a high resolution SEM image of a zinc oxide "nanoflower" synthesized by a physical vapor deposition technique. Scanning electron microscope image of a copper oxide cluster, 3.5 microns in diameter, prepared by evaporation and condensation over an alumina substrate. The smiley nose and eye are present in the original SEM image, which has only been color-enhanced. SEM image of vertically aligned ZnO nanowire arrays with a standing human-like form. Color was added to the original image. A scanning electron microscope image of the 250 nm diameter polymer fibers capturing 2 um polymer spheres by evaporative self-assembly. The image brings mind to eggs of fish on marine plants in a sea. Colorized SEM image of the superparamagnetic poly methyl methacrylate (PMMA) microspheres with Fe2O3 nanocrystals self-assembly on the surface and inside. SEM image of microbeads lying outside a self-assembled 500 micron sized box.

2010 MRS Fall Meeting

Silk, produced by the silkworm Bombyx mori, has been viewed for millennia as a prestigious and valuable material. This protein has recently found application as a high technology material in biomedical micro- and nanotechnology. This picture is created from a high resolution SEM image of zinc oxide "nanoflowers" synthesized by a physical vapor deposition technique. Tin Ball on KOH-etched Si surface appears like the moon rising above Si pyramids. This image was obtained using a scanning electron microscope at 16,100x magnification and was colorized using Adobe Photoshop. Calcium carbonate crystals mineralized on a chitosan thin film. Image taken in a scanning electron microscope with the secondary electron detector at 6 kV. The sample was coated with Pt/Pd for 30 seconds. This picture was created from the convergence of a high-resolution cross-sectional and a plan view SEM image of a zinc oxide "nanowall structure" synthesized by a metal-organic chemical vapor deposition technique. Color was added to the original image. High-resolution SEM image of germanium/silicon core/shell heterostructure nanowires (diameter ~ 10 nm) synthesized by a two-step chemical vapor deposition method on a layered Si/SiO2 substrate. An SEM image of an SEM chamber, obtained by looking at an electron-reflecting charged sample. The parabolic mirror is used for the collection of cathodoluminescence emission. Foraging for Funding. This otherworldly landscape is a polarized microscopy photograph of a perylene derivative thin film. This technique allows the light to pass through crystalline areas of the imaged film, while amorphous regions remain dark. Iron Platelets on Carbon Nanotube Pyramids.

2009 MRS Spring Meeting

Multiple species of bare and alumina coated pollen particle images obtained via SEM Colorized and overlaid scanning electron microscope images of Spaghetti & Meatballs made out of Au and Si. Colorized SEM image of silicon nanopillar formation Nano-Santa by Adam Steele Nano-Santa with his bag of nano-tubes. This was discovered on the surface of one of our superhydrophobic nanocomposite coatings. It has been colored slightly by image processing for artistic effect. The is a POM micrograph of self-assembled DEH-PPV-b-PMMA rod-coil block copolymer with 66% volume fraction of PMMA block prepared at 180oC to form the birefringent smectic phase and then cooled down to room temperature.

2009 MRS Fall Meeting

SEM observation of a mechanical test performed on a SiC-SiC composite. From the mind of Vincent van Gogh to the surface of self-assembled arrays of carbon nanotubes. This image obtained via scanning electron microscopy, evokes the magnum opus of Vincent van Gogh, Starry Night. The imaged object is a single crystalline diamond grain that is anisotropically etched by hot spheres of molten nickel (red). Multiple scanning electron microscope images of boron nitride nanotubes (BNNTs) at different length scales. The BNNTs were synthesized by catalytic chemical vapor deposition (CCVD) at 1200°C. Polycrystalline Ni-Mn-Ga magnetic shape memory alloy with a twin boundary structure (imaged with a polarized optical microscope). SEM image of crystalline wurtzite zinc oxide (ZnO) nanostructure synthesized via vapor-liquid-solid (VLS) method.

2008 MRS Spring Meeting

Amorphous SiOx nanowire bundles have an uncanny ability to self-assemble into various shapes, including one that strikingly resembles a sunflower. This is a cross-polarized light optical microphotograph of an array of organic thin-film transistors (OTFT) fabricated with newly synthesized, highly crystalline 4T-TMS organic semiconductor deposited by newly developed solution-shearing method. Color-enhanced TEM micrograph showing twins and strain contrast in a post-compression [111] NiTi micropillar. The micropillar was produced via FIB milling and was compressed using a nanoindenter equipped with a flat punch. AFM image of a sputtered Au(001) single crystal. Color added to a ZnO nano-needle SEM image. The nano-needles looks like beautiful mountains in a Chinese painting. This image is of some contamination (probably monodisperse polystyrene spheres from a previous user) in the microscope which just happened to collect at the corner of a Ta2O5 particle.

2008 MRS Fall Meeting

This is an SEM image (color enhanced by Photoshop) of high aspect ratio 250nm thick epoxy bristles that have self assembled and trapped a 2.5 micron diameter PS sphere. The crystalline wurtzite indium nitride (InN) nanoflower was synthesized via molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) processes, using pure indium and a high efficient nitrogen source, hydrazoic acid (HN3). The scanning electron microscopic image (taken using a FESEM LEO 1530) shows the ZnO nanostructures on an indium oxide coated glass substrate deposited at 70oC by using a facile electrochemical deposition technique. Garden of Carbon NanoEden A microscale china-style landscape painting of mountains and rivers, formed by monodisperse silica colloids assembled on the glass. These pine tree lead sulfide nanowires obtain a complicated structure because only the trunk contains a screw dislocation that causes it to twist.

2007 MRS Spring Meeting

High resolution scanning electron micrograph (SEM) of gold nanopyramids supported by silicon pedestals. A Bouquet of Anthradithiophene SEM Image of Tin Oxide Nanowires A 500×500 µm photoluminescence image of “Ancient of Days” was created in porous silicon using focused helium beam writing and subsequent electrochemical etching in hydrofluoric acid. This picture is showing side-view of a silicon-nanowire held between and resting on two opposite nickel electrodes. This is an image of defects on a GaAs surface following hydride vapor phase epitaxy. The image was taken using a Nikon Optical Microscope with Nomarski contrast. This SEM image was taken from surface of a TiO2 pollen. The pollen was converted into titania chemistry by using shape-preserving gas-solid displacement reaction. The image is a photograph of a droplet of water sitting on a nanostructured gold surface prepared by templated electrodeposition.

2007 MRS Fall Meeting

Color-enhanced scanning electron micrograph of an overflowed electrodeposited magnetic nanowire array (CoFeB), where the template has been subsequently completely etched. Ni-Mn-Ga melt-extracted fibers with an approximate diameter of 100 µm showing a bamboo-type structure (imaged with a backscattered electron detector in an FEG-SEM). Self-assembled 200 micron size nickel dice, imaged using scanning electron microscopy in the lower secondary electron (LEI) mode. The dice were colorized using Adobe Photoshop. SEM image of CuInSe2 film with Cu2Se (plates) and InSe (needles) crystals on the surface. The picture shows a colored image of the layered steps formed inside closed pores of La0.8Ca0.2CoO3, which were revealed due to fracture of the material. Combined 3-D representation of two images taken by scanning tunneling microscopy.

2006 MRS Spring Meeting

Bryozoans by Simon Hall Toxic Garden Polypyrrole Conducting Polymer Film Calligraphy 4340 Fracture Anaglyph Prismatic Folds