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Volunteer for a Public Outreach Project

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Organize a Materials Science Outreach Project


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 Organize a materials science outreach project

Get Involved with Materials Science on Campus

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Find Others Involved in Materials Science Outreach Programs


  •  NISE Network Partners
    A nationwide network of universities, research institutions, museums and others collaborating to engage the public in nanotechnology  
  • Ainissa Ramirez: Science Evangelist
    Dr. Ramirez is an MRS member who has developed two series of educational videos about materials and science
  • Outreach for Scientists
    informalscience.org's repository of projects, evaluations and research in informal learning environments
  • Science & Engineering Ambassadors
    A National Academy of Sciences and National Academy of Engineering program that is working to engage the public on current issues in science and engineering
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 Find others involved in materials science

Learn How to Communicate Science Effectively

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Learn More About Informal Science Education

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