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Watch a Materials Science Video

Explore a Materials Science Game

  •  Science of Everyday Life New icon
    Interactive website – simulation games – meet a scientist – lab experiments, and sponsored by 3M.
  •  CELLS alive! HowBig Interactive
    Interactive animation to compare the relative size of organisms and cells on a pinhead
  • Nanozone
    Explore nanoscale through games, videos and do-it-yourself activities 
  • The Scale of the Universe 2
    Compare the sizes of objects from as large as the universe to as small as high-energy neutrinos
  • What's This Stuff?
    An interactive game adopted from NOVA that teaches properties and identification of materials

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 Explore a Materials Science Game

View Materials Science Images

  • Best of Science as Art
    A YouTube video that showcases some of our favorite Science as Art images from the semi-annual MRS art competition  
  • Science as Art Winners 
    A gallery of winning images from past MRS Science as Art competitions

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 View Materials Science Images

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     Attend a Materials Science Online Class
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