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Call for Proposals–Student-Organized Events

Proposals for the 2017 MRS Spring Meeting were accepted 
September 1-October 15, 2016.

The MRS University Chapters Subcommittee and the Student Event Working Group invite members of MRS University Chapters from around the world to submit proposals for a student-organized event integrating both on-site and virtual components for students. This event will be incorporated into the programming of the 2017 MRS Spring Meeting.

The directive is to develop semi-annual events targeting STEM students globally. These events will take place at each MRS meeting starting with the 2016 MRS Fall meeting. MRS student representative-led decisions concerning the organization of the event (proposal submissions, voting, and event execution) will maintain that students’ interests are at the heart of discussion. To ensure such a broad outreach, the event will combine both on-site and virtual technologies to enable students who cannot attend the conference to participate online from their own campus or home.

Learn more: Making Your Event a Virtual Event

Proposal Selection Criteria

Creative ideas coupling on-site activity and virtual technology will be prioritized, keeping the main objective of global student outreach.

Priority in proposal content will be focused on a single high-impact topic affecting STEM students within the materials research community in general. Topics can range from technical to academic and professional development topics, including career-related topics.

Requirements for Proposal Preparation

A comprehensive description of the activity shall be provided consisting of the following:

  • Summary scope and purpose of events
  • Explanation of how the proposal will support the MRS mission and strategic objectives
  • Metrics of success of your proposal
  • Clear definition of both on-site activity and the virtual component emphasizing how the two work together to satisfy the proposal objectives
  • List of speakers and their respective specialties stating whether tentative or confirmed
  • Well-defined timeline for the preparation of event ahead of the MRS meeting
  • Duration of the event
  • Anticipated attendance
  • Sources of funding (check the funding information below)
  • Expected support from MRS

All submitted proposals will be reviewed by the Student Event Working Group and the University Chapters Subcommittee; the latter will then choose one proposal. Then, the Student Event Working Group as well as the author(s) of the selected proposal will work on organizing and executing the event. 

Background Information

MRS operates through seven main committees that form the operational heart of the society made up of energized volunteers wishing to help drive forward specific directives of the society. Each of the committees is further divided to various subcommittees charged with various tasks every year by the board of directors. The board charge of developing a recurring, student-organized activity has been mutually assigned to the University Chapters Subcommittee and this subcommittee operates under the Academic Affairs Committee while the New Meetings Subcommittee operates under the Meetings Committee.

University Chapters Subcommittee: This group serves to enhance the effectiveness of the University Chapters and works with the HQ liaison to maintain a current record of University Chapter officers and advisors.

New Meetings Subcommittee: This subcommittee is responsible for the review of all new meetings initiatives brought to MRS via any means. It explores collaborations with other societies and activities to promote commercial and/or industrial participation. It also evaluates and approves proposed endorsements and co-sponsorships for external technical meetings.

The Student Event Working Group: Students from chapters are assigned and supervised by the University Chapters Subcommittee to create, organize, and execute activities of interest for students worldwide. The Student Event Working group is currently composed of seven members and will also consist of the student organizers whose student proposals are accepted for a respective MRS Spring and Fall Meeting.


MRS will fund the selected proposal for up to $5000.00 USD. Authors of proposals are encouraged to seek external sources of funding. For additional information, please see Seeking Additional Funding: A Short Guide.


Deadline for submission for the 2017 MRS Spring Meeting was October 15, 2016. Notification of approved proposal will be announced in December or early January.

Key Contact

For questions concerning this program, please send an email to Student Event Working Group lead contact, Ahmed Mansour, and MRS HQ Liaison to the University Chapters Subcommittee, Lorri Smiley, at chapters@mrs.org.

Student Event Working Group (2016/2017)

  • Ahmed E. Mansour, KAUST, Lead 2016/2017
  • Hayley Zhang, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Trevor Clarke, University of California, Riverside
  • Sherrie Huo, University of California, Riverside
  • Sunny Aggarwal, City University of New York
  • Joshua Woods, University of California, Riverside
  • Rajesh Ramaneti, University of Hasselt
  • Lorri Smiley, MRS, University Chapters Liaison