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Welcome to the 2017 MRS Spring Meeting!

Following the successful relocation of the MRS Spring Meeting to Phoenix, Arizona last year, the 2017 MRS Spring Meeting will be held in the Phoenix Convention Center (PCC), April 17-21, 2017. There will be 53 symposia grouped into five topical clusters, as follows:

Characterization, Theory and Modeling

This cluster of seven symposia serves to strengthen synergy between materials simulation and experiment, for the purpose of accelerating the discovery and development of new materials for novel applications. Special focus will be on advanced algorithms for materials simulation across length scales, as well as in situ electron microscopy and nanomechanical characterization of dynamic and mechanically coupled phenomena.

Electronic Devices and Materials

This cluster of 14 symposia aims to push forward application-driven materials research, focusing on a wide range of materials systems for electronic, photonic, and optoelectronic devices. It includes materials for quantum technologies, photovoltaics and upconversion, plasmonics, metamaterials, and future highly integrated optoelectronic circuits, as well as for the interface with neurobiology.

Energy Storage and Conversion

There are more than a dozen symposia in this cluster including solar fuels, photovoltaics (perovskite, chalcogenide, concentrated, multi-junction), nuclear materials, caloric materials, energy storage (batteries, fuel cells, thermoelectrics, electrodes, interfaces, mechanics, multivalent), spintronics, piezotronics, magnetoelectrics, nanogenerators and soft magnets for power electronics.


The nanomaterials cluster features ten symposia dedicated to a wide range of materials and applications: 1D nanowires, 2D materials, composites, as well as materials aimed at particular applications such as catalysis, energy, functioning in extreme environments. Many of the symposia will organize joint sessions with symposia from other clusters establishing connections to methods for the characterization and possible applications.

Soft Materials and Biomaterials

There are eight symposia in this broad interdisciplinary cluster. Key topics include fundamental and applied research in the following technical areas: advanced polymers, polymeric biomaterials, bioelectronics, materials for immunology, membranes, soft robotics, neural interfaces, multifunctional fibers, and biomineralization.

Symposium X

Frontiers of Materials Research features presentations aimed at a broad audience and on topics at the forefront of research on materials science and engineering.


To complement the symposia, tutorials will provide detailed information on particularly exciting areas of research and the Exhibit will showcase products and services of interest to the scientific community.  The Meeting and Exhibit will be located at the Phoenix Convention Center; Posters will be located at the Sheraton Phoenix Downtown Hotel.

Meeting attendees will find Phoenix to be a very accessible and attractive host. A wide array of restaurants, nightlife, cultural and sporting events is just steps away from the Convention Center and hotels. The region also offers an abundance of pre- and post-meeting touring options. It's a perfect mix of science, sun, and scenery!

We look forward to seeing you in Phoenix!

Christopher J. Bettinger, Stefan A. Maier, Alfonso H.W. Ngan, W. Jud Ready, Eli A. Sutter
2017 MRS Spring Meeting Chairs