2004 MRS Spring Meeting & Exhibit

Spring 2004 Meeting Logo (150px)
  • 2004 MRS Spring Meeting & Exhibit

  • April 12-16, 2004
  • San Francisco, California
  • Meeting Chairs: Israel J. Baumvol, James J. DeYoreo, Siegfried Mantl, Thomas X. Neenan

The 2004 MRS Spring Meeting was held at the Moscone West Convention Center and hosted 29 technical symposia grouped into six broad topical clusters. Visit the Technical Sessions page for each symposium's call for papers, program and proceedings. Visit Abstracts to see the abstracts of all papers presented at the meeting.


Symposium A: Amorphous and Nanocrystalline Silicon Science and Technology
Symposium B: High-Mobility Group-IV Materials and Devices
Symposium C: Silicon Front-End Junction Formation—Physics and Technology
Symposium D: High-k Insulators and Ferroelectrics for Advanced Microelectronic Devices
Symposium E: Integration Challenges in Next-Generation Oxide-Based Nanoelectronics
Symposium F: Materials, Technology, and Reliability for Advanced Interconnects and Low-k Dielectrics
Symposium G: Semiconductor Spintronics
Symposium H: Hydrogen in Semiconductors
Symposium I: Flexible Electronics--Materials and Device Technology
Symposium J: Silicon Carbide—Materials, Processing, and Devices
Symposium K: Advances in Chemical Mechanical Polishing
Symposium L: New Materials for Microphotonics
Symposium M: Nanoparticles and Nanowire Building Blocks - Synthesis, Processing, Characterization, and Theory
Symposium N: Interfacial Engineering for Optimized Properties III
Symposium O: Advanced Microsystems--Integration with Nanotechnology and Biomaterials
Symposium P: Nanoscale Materials and Modeling--Relations Among Processing, Microstructure, and Mechanical Properties
Symposium Q: Nucleation Phenomena - Mechanisms, Dynamics, and Structure
Symposium R: Three-Dimensional Nanoengineered Assemblies II
Symposium S: Nanostructured Materials in Alternative Energy Devices
Symposium T: Molecular Electronics
Symposium U: Printing of Materials in Photonics, Electronics, and Bioinformatics
Symposium V: Proteins as Materials
Symposium W: Biological and Bio-Inspired Materials and Devices
Symposium X: Frontiers of Materials Research
Symposium Y: Materials, Mechanisms, and Systems for Chemical and Biological Detection and Remediation
Symposium Z: Hybrid Biological-Inorganic Interfaces
Symposium AA: Applications of Novel Luminescent Probes in Life Sciences
Symposium BB: Educating Tomorrow’s Materials Scientists and Engineers
Symposium CC: Scientific Basis for Nuclear Waste Management XXVIII

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