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Strange Matter. Green Earth.

Experience the Power of Materials for a Sustainable World - The Stuff That Matters

  Materials Research Society FoundationStrange Matter Green Earth is a new pioneering educational venture developed by the Materials Research Society. It is an international traveling materials science exhibition that will enable millions of people across the globe to explore ways in which advances in materials can lead to a more sustainable future. Visitors will discover the story of the co-evolution of man and materials, and learn how materials, the stuff of history, will meet the needs of the present without compromising future generations to meet their own needs.

Building on the incredible success of the MRS Strange Matter traveling exhibition, Strange Matter Green Earth aims to empower the world’s citizens to make sustainable choices in their own lives and communities.

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Companhia Brasileira de Matalurgia e Mineracao

For more information on Strange Matter Green Earth, please contact:

Richard A. Souza
Manager, Education and Outreach
Materials Research Society

Watch this interview from MRS TV with Jerry Floro about Strange Matter Green Earth from the 2013 MRS Spring Meeting: