3D Printing of Ceramics Workshop

April 12: Day 1

Introduction and Welcoming Remarks | 10:00 am ET

Session I

Additive Manufacturing of Ceramics Using Preceramic Polymers | 10:05 am
Speaker: Paolo Colombo, University of Padova

3D Printed Ceramics with Natural Medicines for Bone Regeneration:
Convergence of Knowledge
| 10:25 am
Speaker: Susmita Bose, Washington State University

Advances on Additive Manufacturing for Dielectric, Piezoelectric, and
Ferroelectric Devices
| 10:45 am
Speaker: Ahmad Safari, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

Q&A | 11:05 am
Session Chair: Shawn Allan, Lithoz America

Break | 11:15 am

Session II

FDM Ceramic 3D Printing: Technology and Applications | 11:30 am
Speaker: Guillaume de Calan, Nanoe

The Influence of Print Layer Orientation on the Mechanical Properties of SiC
Formed via Direct Ink Writing | 11:50 am
Speaker: Rodney Trice, Purdue University

Considerations for Industrializing Additive Manufacturing | 12:10 pm
Speaker: Cathleen Hoel, GE Research

Q&A | 12:30 pm
Session Chair: Susmita Bose, Washington State University

Panel Discussion

Manufacturer Perspective | 12:40 pm
Speaker: Thomas Henriksen, Ceramco Inc.

Validation/Characterization of 3D Printed Ceramics | 12:50 pm
Speaker: Dale Cillessen, Sandia National Laboratories

AM of Ceramics for Aerospace | 1:00 pm
Speaker: Matthew Dickerson, Air Force Research Laboratory

Group Discussion | 1:10 pm
Chair: Amit Bandyopadhyay, Washington State University




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