3D Printing of Ceramics Workshop

April 13: Day 2

Introduction | 10:00 am ET

Session I

Challenges and Opportunities in Future Ceramic Additive
—An NSF Perspective | 10:05 am
Speaker: Y. Kevin Chou, National Science Foundation

Advanced Manufacturing for the Pursuit of
Heterogeneous Ceramic Design
| 10:25 am
Speaker: Andrew Rosenberger, U.S. Army Research Laboratory

3D Printing of Implantable Biomaterials and Implants:
Opportunities and Challenges 
| 10:45 am
Speaker: Bikramjit Basu, Indian Institute of Science

Q&A | 11:05 am
Session Chair: Shawn Allan, Lithoz America

Break | 11:15 am

Session II

Additive Manufacturing of Melt Growth Ceramics by
Laser Directed Energy Deposition
| 11:30 am
Speaker: Fangyong Niu, Dalian University of Technology

Binder Jet Printing of Ceramics | 11:50 am
Speaker: Karl-Heinz Schofalvi, Desktop Metal

Lithography-based Ceramic Additive Manufacturing | 12:10 pm
Speaker: Shawn Allan, Lithoz America

Q&A | 12:30 pm
Session Chair: Amit Bandyopadhyay, Washington State University

Panel Discussion

3D Printing of Ceramics in India | 12:40 pm
Speaker: Vamsi Balla, CSIR - Central Glass and Ceramic Research Institute

3D Printing of Laser Ceramics | 12:50 pm
Speaker: Zachary Seeley, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Robocasting of Ceramics | 1:00 pm
Speaker: Joe Cesarano, Robocasting Enterprises

Group Discussion | 1:10 pm
Chair: Susmita Bose, Washington State University

Closing Remarks



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