Attendee Tip Sheet

We are fortunate to be a part of a conference community that has stepped up to make this virtual Conference possible.  There may be a few glitches, but it almost goes without saying that you will get more out of the Conference if you approach it with an attitude open to trying and learning new things. These new skills are likely to be useful for years to come.

  1. If possible, set aside a space for participating, and have snacks and water nearby, maybe a yoga mat.  Close the door or alert other people nearby about your “busy” status with a sign.
  2. Consider going into an office or conference room at your place of employment, if safe and permitted, for better internet connection.
  3. Log on to the site a day or two before the Conference to familiarize yourself with the website features. See more below.
  4. Remember your user agreement and do not copy, download or record talks or poster files. Contact individual authors if you want a copy of a poster or talk.
  5. All Conference times on the website are in U.S. Eastern Daylight Time, UTC -4 hours. The EMC 2020 Program Overview file in the CH0 Community Engagement Track includes session times for Berlin, New Delhi, and Tokyo/Seoul.  (NOTE:  “CH” is an abbreviation for “Channel”, used here much like room assignments are used for in-person conferences. CH0 = Channel 0)
  6. Discussion threads work best if someone starts them off with a guiding question. Try to keep session threads focused on the science and keep comments on the mechanics of the Conference to the CH0 discussion thread.

Information on the Connected Community Site 

  1. Access to the website will be granted after Wednesday, June 10, for those who have already registered. 
  2. The Sponsor Tracks contain information from each sponsor.  There is also a virtual literature display.  Visit the sponsor pages, which will be available before, during and for a week after the Conference. Sponsor documents may be downloaded by any participant.  Let them know you were there by leaving a note in the Discussion Forum.  Notes can be simple- “I was here! Cool stuff! Downloaded brochures on the latest MOCVD gear.” You can also contact sponsors and request a live chat on their web conferencing platform.
  3. The CH0 Community Engagement Track contains information for speakers, poster presenters and attendees, as well as additional information on sponsor features, virtual coffee breaks, technical troubleshooting and more.  A PDF file of the EMC 2020 Program Book, with abstracts, will be also be available to download from CH0. Use the Discussion Forum to ask questions, make suggestions and report general problems.
  4. The site has an internal messaging system that allows you to send and receive messages among registered users without using email. 
  5. Your email address is not available to anyone except attendees listed under My Contacts, which will start with only you on the list. You can adjust this setting to “Members Only” if you want anyone in the Conference to have access to your email address.  Before the Conference starts, you can also send contact requests to people you know, or who may have similar interests, so that you can message them during the Conference.  This feature is like having “friends” on Facebook.
  6. We recommend that you do NOT post your personal web-conferencing private room link (a personal Zoom room, for example) in your profile.  You may wish to set up web conferencing meetings for each day so you can easily invite people to one-on-one discussions.
  7. The sessions are organized into six Channels of related topics, which will run in parallel.  The Track names start with “CH1” etc. so these appear grouped together in the Conference Track list. 
  8. Each technical session will be a Track.  You can “join” a session so that it will appear when you select “My Tracks” from the Tracks menu on the website header.  There will be a PDF of the session talk titles and presenter names in the Recorded Sessions & Resources.  You may need to click on the More button to find all the documents. 
  9. Posters will be uploaded into one of two Poster Tracks.  The only way to view them is to download them, but you are not permitted to retain these files. We suggest you contact the author instead.  You can ask questions of a specific author throughout the Conference (and beyond) by posting to the discussion thread for that poster. Posters will also have a 3-minute overview slide presentation with audio narration by the presenter. 
  10. Click on the Live Session icons to find the web conferencing links and other information about the sessions, including session chair names and last-minute changes. Your registration includes an agreement that you will not share these links with unregistered persons.

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