Virtual EMC 2020


Welcome to the Virtual EMC 2020!  We are preparing a great Conference.  Over 300 presenters have confirmed their participation and registration numbers are strong. 

What to Expect

Oral contributed talks will be shared as slide decks with prerecorded audio track, followed by a live streaming question and answer period.  Plenary and invited talks will also be presented with slightly different format requirements.

Oral talks will NOT be available for download or asynchronous viewing. Our policy remains: No photographs/recordings of presentations permitted. Any files temporarily downloaded for viewing will be deleted upon completion of the session unless explicit permission is given by the authors.

The EMC Conference Hub website is provided by a company called Higher Logic.  The Hub includes scheduling information, links to live-stream sessions, discussion chat features, mechanisms to build connections with other attendees and mechanisms to upload and transfer files to our volunteer technical hosts. 

After you register for the Conference, you will receive an invitation to set up an account on the Higher Logic site, Connected Community. The site allows you to prepare a personal profile, and we highly suggest you upload a picture of yourself and note your current employer and educational history. More tips for getting the most out of a virtual Conference are available here.

All presenters should register by Wednesday, June 10. This allows adequate time for you to receive your invitation from Connected Community and upload your presentation files. We strongly recommend all attendees register by the preregistration deadline of Friday, June 12.

Live streaming sessions will be hosted on Zoom.  While Zoom is familiar to many in our community, we know this may pose challenges for certain government participants.  We recommend that those individuals plan to join with personal devices.

Social activities and community engagement options are being prepared by a team of volunteers.  Details will be updated on the Connected Community website.  Some planned offerings include small group coffee breaks, historical tidbits on the EMC, career information exchange, fun and games, and a panel discussion Thursday evening on best practices during the pandemic. 

Modifications for the virtual format include shorter talks and longer breaks.  The Conference has also been extended through Friday afternoon to allow for fewer parallel sessions (six).  We have endeavored to keep the Conference as accessible as possible for participants in multiple time zones.  For those of you on the EMC Committee, our meetings that normally take place during the Conference will be rescheduled to the following week and will not include invited organizers—only committee members.

 Thanks to our Virtual EMC Volunteer Organizers, including:

Online Presentation Chairs: Stephanie Law and Shadi Shahedipour-Sandvik

Conference Technical Director: Soaram Kim

Virtual Poster Session Team: Nadeemullah Mahadik (Chair), Jennifer Hite, Sriram Krishnamoorthy, and Angel Yanguas-Gil

Community Engagement Team:  Patrick Shea (Chair), Dan Ewing, Theresa Ginley, and Suzanne Mohney



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