Abstract Submission Instructions

Abstracts will be accepted through January 27, 2023, 11:59 pm ET.

Step by step abstract submission instructions are on each page of the submissions site. Below are some important items for you to note.

Abstract Body

Enter a text only description of your research. This should be 4,000 characters or less. Do not include figures or tables in this section. This text abstract will appear in the conference program book if accepted.

Please Read this Important Information:

REQUIRED Extended Abstract Upload (must be an image file**): This one page file should include pictures, tables, or any materials that may aid in the evaluation of your submission. This file will not be published, and will be solely used by the conference organizers in their review of your abstract. It is REQUIRED and your abstract will not be reviewed without this submission.

CAPTION—Please add the abstract control id number in the caption section when uploading your extended abstract.  The abstract control id number can be found at the top of the abstract submission page on the right side preceded by “ID:”. To enter it in the caption section:

  • Click on ‘Add Caption’
  • Once screen appears, enter Control ID: followed by your control id number. For example: Control ID: 2686188 
  • Click the submit button when completed

Your extended abstract may be submitted as a single graphics file in gif, png, tiff, tif, jpg, or jpeg format. File size is limited to 20 MB and file resolution of 96 dpi or higher is recommended.  

Suggested options for generating a graphics file for upload

Conversion from PDF file (requires Adobe Acrobat):

  • Place and arrange your figures, tables, etc on one 8 ½” by 11" letter size page (with 1 inch margins)
  • Open the file in Adobe Acrobat and use the 'Save As' feature to save the PDF file as an image file.

Conversion from Microsoft PowerPoint:

  • Place and arrange your figures, tables, etc, on a single slide (in portrait orientation, 8 ½’ by 11")
  • In PowerPoint, use the ‘Save As’ feature and select a graphics file format to save the slide as an image

**If you have difficulty creating or submitting an image file, contact Marla Boots at boots@mrs.org. Include a PDF file, the control id number (located in the right corner at the top of the abstract document page) and your name. Continue to fill out the abstract submission form and save it as a draft. Marla Boots will save your pdf as an image, upload it and submit your abstract. Once the abstract is submitted, she will send you an abstract proof.

Symposium Selection

When choosing a symposium during submissions, we realize that topical areas do overlap in some cases. The authors should use their best judgment to select the topical area with the best fit to their abstract. The abstract submission website also allows a second, optional topical area to be selected. 

The program committee may move abstracts to related topical areas if rearrangement produces better session flow or to accommodate schedule constraints. Researchers in computational physics are encouraged to submit their abstracts to a session that includes experimental work on their material system.