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ULVAC Technologies Inc.
Magnetic Coupling Rotary Vane Pumps

SPI Supplies
Sample Preparation Equipment and Consumables

Your Global Supplier
for Materials

Ted Pella, Inc.
Microscopy Supplies and
Specimen Preparation Tools

Harrick Plasma, Inc.
Plasma Cleaning
and Surface Activation

HORIBA Scientific
Tip Enhanced Raman Scattering (TERS) /

American Elements
Now Invent.™

Quantitative Phase Analysis

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments
Precise, Efficient Materials Testing/Research

Lake Shore
Cryotronics Inc.

Precision Measurement in Variable Environments

Angstrom Engineering
Thin Film Deposition Equipment and Materials

Fundamental Flexibility for Powder X-ray Diffraction

MTI Corporation
Total Solution for
Material Research

AdValue Technology, LLC
Powders, Crucibles, Tubes, Plates, Custom Parts

Janis Research Company, LLC
ARPES to X-Ray;
10mK to 800K

Bruker Nano
Surfaces Division

Low-cost, High-quality
AFM Probes


Impact Factors
The 2016 Impact Factors Are In!

It’s been another successful year for MRS Publications, and for that we thank our authors, reviewers and editors. Congratulations to MRS Communications for recording a 3.01 Impact Factor—an increase of 68% over 2015—according to the 2016 Journal Citation Reports® (JCR) by Clarivate Analytics.

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Materials in Focus

Proposed magnetometer design could measure atomic-scale properties
The method uses diamond nitrogen-vacancy centers as probes.

Energy focus: Ultrathin protecting layer enhances lithium-sulfur battery stability
This 100-nm film boosts cycling stability in the lithium-sulfur battery, which shows promise as future high-energy storage devices.

Low-cost solar water purifier could bring fresh water to those in need
Gold or advanced carbon nanoparticles are added to the water to increase light absorption.


How green is your electric vehicle?
To make electric vehicles environmentally and economically sustainable, the industry will need to take a fresh look at how lithium-ion battery packs are made and recycled.


Critical Meeting Deadlines

XXVI International Materials Research Congress 2017
August 20–25, 2017
Cancun, Mexico

A joint meeting of the Sociedad Mexicana de Materiales and the Materials Research Society
Extended to June 30
International Conference on Silicon Carbide and Related Materials (ICSCRM 2017)
September 17
22, 2017
Washington, DC

exhibit opportunities available

Deadline—July 27

2017 MRS Fall Meeting & Exhibit
November 26
December 1, 2017
Boston, Massachusetts

exhibit opportunities available


Critical Publications Deadlines

Call for Papers
February 2018 — Journal of Materials Research 33(3)
Architected Materials: Synthesis, Characterization, Modeling and Optimal Design
Submission Deadline:
July 1, 2017
Call for Papers
March 2018Journal of Materials Research 33(5)
Electrocatalysts for Oxygen and Hydrogen Evolution
Submission Deadline:
August 1, 2017
Call for Papers
April 2018 — Journal of Materials Research 33(7)
Advanced Atomistic Algorithms in Materials Science
Submission Deadline:
September 1, 2017
Call for Papers
May 2018 — Journal of Materials Research 33(9)
Porous Carbon and Carbonaceous Materials for Energy Conversion and Storage
Submission Deadline:
October 1, 2017
Call for Papers
June 2018 — Journal of Materials Research 33(11)
Wide Energy Gap Semiconductors: Material Issues and Device Implications
Submission Deadline:
November 1, 2017



MRS Energy & Sustainability


MRS Advances

MRS Bulletin

MRS Communications

MRS Advances Germanium Junctions for Beyond-Si Node Using Flash Lamp Annealing (FLA)
  H. Tanimura, H. Kawarazaki, K. Fuse, M. Abe, Y. Ito, T. Aoyama, S. Kato, I. Kobayashi,
T. Nagayama, N. Hamamoto and S. Sakai, MRS Advances

MRS Advances Graph Theoretical Representation, Analysis and Synthesis of Amorphous Metal Oxide Networks
  Divya, MRS Advances

MRS Communications Microcompression of brittle and anisotropic crystals: recent advances and current challenges in studying plasticity in hard materials
  Sandra Korte-Kerzel, MRS Communications

MRS Bulletin Scintillator materials for x-ray detectors and beam monitors
  T. Martin, A. Koch, M. Nikl, MRS Bulletin

MRS Bulletin Semiconductor materials for x-ray detectors
  David Pennicard, Benoît Pirard, Oleg Tolbanov, Krzysztof Iniewski, MRS Bulletin

JMR Toward high volume solution based roll-to-roll processing of OLEDs
  Robert Abbel, Ike de Vries, Arjan Langen, Gerwin Kirchner, Hero t’Mannetje, Harrie Gorter, Joanne Wilson and Pim Groen, Journal of Materials Research

Bio Focus

Aggregation-induced emission: Materials and biomedical applications
  Bin Liu, MRS Bulletin

MRS Communications Analytical methods for detection of Zika virus
  Kai-Hung Yang and Roger J. Narayan, MRS Communications

Nano Focus

JMR A new approach of the Oliver and Pharr model to fit the unloading curve from instrumented indentation testing
  Stephania Kossman, Thierry Coorevits, Alain Iost and Didier Chicot,
Journal of Materials Research

JMR Atomic mapping of structural distortions in 109° domain patterned BiFeO3 thin films
  Wen-Yuan Wang, Yin-Lian Zhu, Yun-Long Tang, Meng-Jiao Han, Yu-Jia Wang and Xiu-Liang Ma, Journal of Materials Research

MRS Communications Prospects and challenges of nanomaterial engineered prepregs for improving interlaminar properties of laminated composites—a review
  A.B.M. Iftekharul Islam and Ajit D. Kelkar, MRS Communications

MRS Advances The central role of ligands in electron transfer from perovskite nanocrystals
  Alberto Privitera, Marcello Righetto, Renato Bozio and Lorenzo Franco,
MRS Advances


Grand Canyon
Ihor Radchenko, Singapore University of Technology and Design

Grand Canyon, a Science as Art second place winner

Based on SEM micrograph of accumulative roll bonded Cu/Nb nanolayers. The shape is obtained via FIB cutting.

A Second Place Winner from the Science as Art competition at the 2017 MRS Spring Meeting.

Copyright for all Science as Art images belongs to the Materials Research Society. To request permission to re-use the images, please contact Anita Miller.


Orlando Auciello on biomedical materials innovation
MRS Bulletin Material Matters

Orlando Auciello. Click to play video

“After one year of fundamental studies, in six months we got approval from the FDA of Argentina, and we already did the first clinical trial on a person.”

MRS Bulletin’s
Sabrina Sartori, from the University of Oslo, talks with Orlando Auciello, Endowed Chair Professor at the University of Texas, Dallas and co-founder of Advanced Diamond Technologies, Inc. and Original Biomedical Implants. Auciello covers entrepreneurship stemming from a US national laboratory, the synergistic relationship between basic and applied research, and regional approaches to taking materials innovation to the market. He is an MRS Fellow and former president of the Materials Research Society (2013).


Career Central Job Board

Partial listing of classified ads from the July 2017 issue of MRS Bulletin

City University of Hong Kong
Head, Department of Materials Science and Engineering


Latest Mathematical Modeling Tools and Technologies

COMSOL Multiphysics and COMSOL Server version 5.3 from COMSOL, Inc. provides simulation specialists with faster model and app development, shorter solution times and new physics.
Read more »
Versatile New High-resolution Imaging Spectrograph

Princeton Instruments introduces its SpectraPro HRS-300, which is engineered to deliver both the outstanding spectral resolution and the astigmatism correction needed for advanced microspectroscopy and multichannel fiber applications.
Read more »

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