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ULVAC Technologies Inc.
HELIOT 900 Leak Detector

SPI Supplies
Sample Preparation Equipment and Consumables

Your Global Supplier
for Materials

Ted Pella, Inc.
Microscopy Supplies and
Specimen Preparation Tools

Harrick Plasma, Inc.
Plasma Cleaning
and Surface Activation

HORIBA Scientific
Tip Enhanced Raman Scattering (TERS) /

American Elements
Now Invent.™

Chocolate Phase ID

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments
Powerful Solution for Materials Characterization

Lake Shore
Cryotronics Inc.

Precision Measurement in Variable Environments

Angstrom Engineering
Thin Film Deposition Equipment and Materials

Fundamental Flexibility for Powder X-ray Diffraction

MTI Corporation
Total Solution for
Material Research

AdValue Technology, LLC
Powders, Crucibles, Tubes, Plates, Custom Parts

Janis Research Company, LLC
ARPES to X-Ray;
10mK to 800K

Bruker Nano
Surfaces Division

Low-cost, High-quality
AFM Probes


MRS Awards
Journal of Materials Research Publishes New Focus Issue
Volume 32 – Issue 15 – August 2017

Two-Dimensional Nanomaterials for Biosensors

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Materials in Focus

Stretch goals: Elastic conductors reach a new milestone
This elastic composite material retains its high conductivity even when stretched to five times its original length.

Universal fragment descriptor predicts materials properties
The property-labelled materials fragments graph achieves high accuracy of materials properties predictions.

Diamond-powered transistor performs in extreme environments
Electrical properties of the MOSFETs and logic circuits are characterized.

Industry Focus

This startup is growing diamonds
Earth’s oldest object of desire can now be created in a lab, by a startup, in two weeks.

A Skokie nanotech startup signs a big customer
NuMat Technologies, one of the startups to come out of Northwestern University in recent years, looks promising. 

Policy Focus

Materials Minute Podcast
A brief update on the US FY 2018 budget process.

Scientists initiate grassroots efforts to show importance of STEM to US government
Recent politicization of some science issues served as a catalyst for action within the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics community.


How modern technology is inspired by the natural world
A kingfisher’s beak inspired the design of high-speed trains in Japan. Cockleburs inspired the hook-and-loop fastener system Velcro.


Critical Meeting Deadlines

International Conference on Silicon Carbide and Related Materials (ICSCRM 2017)
September 17-22, 2017
Washington, DC

exhibit opportunities available

Closes September 11,
5:00 pm (ET)

2017 MRS Fall Meeting & Exhibit
November 26-December 1, 2017
Boston, Massachusetts

exhibit opportunities available

Opens Mid-September
2018 MRS Spring Meeting & Exhibit
April 2-6, 2018
Phoenix, Arizona

exhibit opportunities available

Abstract Submission Opens September 29


Critical Publications Deadlines

Call for Papers
April 2018 — Journal of Materials Research 33(7)
Advanced Atomistic Algorithms in Materials Science
Submission Deadline:
September 1, 2017
MRS Advances
IMRC 2017
Submission Deadline:
September 15, 2017
Call for Papers
May 2018 — Journal of Materials Research 33(9)
Porous Carbon and Carbonaceous Materials for Energy Conversion and Storage
Submission Deadline:
October 1, 2017
Call for Papers
June 2018 — Journal of Materials Research 33(11)
Wide Energy Gap Semiconductors: Material Issues and Device Implications
Submission Deadline:
November 1, 2017



MRS Energy & Sustainability


MRS Advances

MRS Bulletin

MRS Communications

MRS Communications Highly strained Ge micro-blocks bonded on Si platform for mid-infrared photonic applications
  A. Gassenq, K. Guilloy, N. Pauc, D. Rouchon, J. Widiez, J. Rothman, J.-M. Hartmann,
A. Chelnokov, V. Reboud and V. Calvo, MRS Communications

MRS Advances Hybrid Perovskite Phase Transition and Its Ionic, Electrical and Optical Properties
  Md Nadim Ferdous Hoque, Nazifah Islam, Kai Zhu and Zhaoyang Fan, MRS Advances

JMR Hyperpolarized 129Xe nuclear magnetic resonance study of mesoporous silicon sponge materials
  Yougang Mao, Dokyoung Kim, Jinmyoung Joo, Michael J. Sailor, Russell Hopson and
Li-Qiong Wang, Journal of Materials Research

JMR On the valence electron theory to estimate the transformation temperatures of Cu-Al-based shape memory alloys
  Eric Marchezini Mazzer, Piter Gargarella, Claudio Shyinti Kiminami, Claudemiro Bolfarini, Regis Daniel Cava and Marina Galano, Journal of Materials Research

Bio Focus

MRS Bulletin Bioprinting of three-dimensional culture models and organ-on-a-chip systems
  Yan Yan Shery Huang, Duo Zhang, Ye Liu, MRS Bulletin

MRS Bulletin Regenerative engineering and advanced materials science
  Roshan James and Cato T. Laurencin, MRS Bulletin
MRS Bulletin Three-dimensional bioprinting of volumetric tissues and organs
  David Kilian, Tilman Ahlfeld, Ashwini Rahul Akkineni, Anja Lode, Michael Gelinsky,
MRS Bulletin

Energy Focus

MRS Energy & Sustainability In situ surface protection for enhancing stability and performance of conversion-type cathodes
  Feixiang Wu, Oleg Borodin and Gleb Yushin, MRS Energy & Sustainability

JMR Stabilizing and Scaling up Carbon-Based Perovskite Solar Cells
  Haining Chen and Shihe Yang, Journal of Materials Research

MRS Advances Strategies for Improving Efficiency and Stability of Perovskite Solar Cells
  Xiaoli Zheng, Yang Bai, Shuang Xiao, Xiangyue Meng, Teng Zhang and Shihe Yang,
MRS Advances

Nano Focus

MRS Communications Development of n-type silver-nanoparticles-modified carbon materials doped by triphenylphosphine
  Akira Ohnuma and Kouta Iwasaki, MRS Communications

MRS Advances Nanoscale Characterization of WSe2 for Opto-electronics Applications
  Nirmal Adhikari, Avra Bandyopadhyay and Anupama Kaul, MRS Advances

MRS Communications Self-ion irradiation effects on mechanical properties of nanocrystalline zirconium films
  Baoming Wang, M. A. Haque, Vikas Tomar and Khalid Hattar, MRS Communications


Wild Delta
Olivier Raccurt, The Atomic Energy and Alternative Energies Commission (CEA)

Grand Canyon, a Science as Art second place winner

This "Wild Delta" painting has been obtained by optical microscopy with an optical filter to modulate light and emphasize relief. The corrosion is gaining on the silver layer after some time in salt spray test.

See more from the Science as Art competition at the 2017 MRS Spring Meeting.

Copyright for all Science as Art images belongs to the Materials Research Society. To request permission to re-use the images, please contact Anita Miller.


3D Bioprinting of Organs
MRS Bulletin

Orlando Auciello. Click to play video

Adam W. Feinberg and Jordan S. Miller, Guest Editors, “3D bioprinting of organs,”
MRS Bulletin, Volume 42, August 2017.


Career Central Job Board

Partial listing of classified ads from the September 2017 issue of MRS Bulletin

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Lawrence Postdoctoral Fellowships

National Institute for Materials Science
Research Position, International Center for Young Scientists

National Science Foundation
Program Directors, Division of Materials Research

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, Medicine
Jefferson Science Fellowship


Compact 8-Position Parallel Synthesizer

The DrySyn Octo 8-position parallel synthesizer from Asynt is a convenient, entry-level product for chemists wishing to conduct synthetic reactions under an inert atmosphere with temperature control, reflux and powerful magnetic stirring.
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High Resolution High Gain Gated Image Intensifier

Specialised Imaging announces the new SIL-3 range of high resolution, high gain gated image intensifier systems designed to improve the sensitivity of high-speed video and image converter cameras in applications including life science microscopy, combustion research, machine vision and luminescence studies.
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