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ULVAC Technologies Inc.
Magnetic Coupling Rotary Vane Pumps

SPI Supplies
Sample Preparation Equipment and Consumables

Your Global Supplier
for Materials

Ted Pella, Inc.
Microscopy Supplies and
Specimen Preparation Tools

Harrick Plasma, Inc.
Plasma Cleaning
and Surface Activation

HORIBA Scientific
Tip Enhanced Raman Scattering (TERS) /

American Elements
Now Invent.™

Connemara Marble
Phase ID/Rietveld

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments
Precise, High-sensitivity EDXRF Analysis

Lake Shore
Cryotronics Inc.

Precision Measurement in Variable Environments

Angstrom Engineering
Thin Film Deposition Equipment and Materials

Ingenious Switchability for Powder and Thin-film XRD

MTI Corporation
Total Solution for
Material Research

AdValue Technology, LLC
Powders, Crucibles, Tubes, Plates, Custom Parts

Janis Research Company, LLC
ARPES to X-Ray;
10mK to 800K

Bruker Nano
Surfaces Division

Low-cost, High-quality
AFM Probes


SUBMIT—New Late-Breaking Abstracts
2018 MRS Spring Meeting & Exhibit
April 2-6, 2018  |  Phoenix, Arizona

Contribute to 2018 MRS Spring Meeting symposia including new hot topics like artificial intelligence, quantum materials, and others.

Abstract Submission Deadline

11:59 pm (ET), January 11, 2018
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2015 MRS Fall Meeting
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NOMINATE—2017 JMR Paper of the Year!

The JMR Paper of the Year Award recognizes excellence in advancing materials knowledge through written scholarship. The JMR Editorial Board welcomes nominations for the 2017 publication year—Volume 32.

Nomination Deadline
11:59 pm (ET), January 19, 2018
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Materials in Focus

Metallic aerogels synthesized in one-step process
Simple chemical reagents reduce noble metal salt solutions to form aerogels.

Engineers create stretchable camouflage skin inspired by octopuses
Scientists have taken a page out of nature and created a type of stretchable skin that can quickly be turned into different shapes and textures.

Hydrogel grows organ-like structures for tissue repair
This synthetic hydrogel can be used to culture human intestinal organoids and may one day help provide a treatment for intestinal conditions.

Nano Focus: Solidification technique at the nanoscale expands range of 3D-printable alloys
By introducing nanoparticles, solidification can be controlled during additive manufacturing of alloys.

Energy Focus: Sponge electrode architecture provides safe, high-performance Ni-3D Zn battery
Scientists and engineers are investigating new electrode and electrolyte alternatives in an effort to solve challenges in Li-ion chemistries.

Policy Focus

Materials research advocacy affects the US federal budget
As a general rule, MRS advocates for increases in the budgets of federal agencies critical to materials research, such as the Department of Energy (DOE), the National Science Foundation, and the Department of Defense (DoD). We sometimes advocate for specific programs, such as the basic and applied research programs within the DoD or the ARPA-E program within the DOE.


Splitting CO2 to produce syngas and hydrocarbon fuels: PEC and STC
Though very high efficiencies are within reach theoretically, demonstrated efficiencies are currently in the range of 5%. Efficiencies are limited by both engineering (reactor design) and materials aspects, and the interplay between the two.


Critical Meeting Deadlines

2018 MRS Spring Meeting & Exhibit
April 2-6, 2018
Phoenix, Arizona

exhibit opportunities available
Abstract Deadline—
January 11, 2018
12th New Diamond and Nano Carbons Conference (NDNC)
May 20-24, 2018
Flagstaff, Arizona

exhibit opportunities available
Abstract Deadline—
February 12, 2018
American Conference on Neutron Scattering (ACNS)
June 24-28, 2018
College Park, Maryland

exhibit opportunities available
Opens Early January
60th Electronic Materials Conference (EMC)
June 27-29, 2018
University of California
Santa Barbara, CA

exhibit opportunities available
Abstract Deadline—
January 26, 2018


Critical Publications Deadlines

Call for Papers                                                 
August 2018 – Journal of Materials Research 33(15)

Soft Magnetic Materials: Synthesis, Characterization, and Applications
Submission Deadline:
January 1, 2018
Call for Proposals
2019 JMR Focus Issues
Lead a Focus Issue on your area of expertise!
Submission Deadline:
January 31, 2018
Call for Papers                                                 
July 2018 – Journal of Materials Research 33(14)
3D Printing of Biomaterials
Submission Deadline:
February 1, 2018
Call for Papers                                                 
September 2018 – Journal of Materials Research 33(17)

Interconnect and Interface Materials for High-Temperature Energy Conversion Technologies
Submission Deadline:
February 1, 2018
Call for Papers                                                 
October 2018 – Journal of Materials Research 33(19)

Fundamental Understanding and Applications of High-Entropy Alloys
Submission Deadline:
March 1, 2018
Call for Papers                                              
November 2018 – Journal of Materials Research 33(21)
Catalytic Engineered Materials for Commercial and Industrial Energy Applications
Submission Deadline:
April 1, 2018



MRS Energy & Sustainability


MRS Advances

MRS Bulletin

MRS Communications

JMR An examination of the superplastic characteristics of Al-Mg-Sc alloys after processing
  Pedro H.R. Pereira, Yi Huang, Megumi Kawasaki and Terence G. Langdon,
Journal of Materials Research

JMR Creep behavior of a γ′-strengthened Co-base alloy with zero γ/γ′-lattice misfit at 800 °C, 196 MPa
  Jan Midtlyng, Alexander I. Epishin, Nikolay V. Petrushin, Thomas Link, Gert Nolze, Igor L. Svetlov, and Walter Reimers, Journal of Materials Research 

MRS Advances Effect of Laser Welding on the Mechanical Properties AISI 1018 Steel
  M. A. Carrizalez-Vazquez, M. Alvarez-Vera, A. Hernández-Rodríguez, J. M. Orona-Hinojos, Gabriel Sandoval-Vázquez and J. L. Acevedo-Dávila, MRS Advances

JMR High temperature properties and fatigue strength of novel wrought γ/γ′ Co-base superalloys
  Lisa Patricia Freund, Sven Giese, Daniel Schwimmer, Heinz Werner Höppel, Steffen Neumeier, and Mathias Göken, Journal of Materials Research 

MRS Advances Light Induced Degradation of Nitrocellulose Lacquer Thin Films for Conservation of Art Objects
  Rebekah I. Webster and H. Francis Webster, MRS Advances

Bio Focus

MRS Advances Degradation profiles of silk textiles in diverse environments: Synchrotron based infrared micro-spectroscopy analysis
  Zhanyun Zhu, Nicole Tse, Petronella Nel and Mark Tobin, MRS Advances

MRS Bulletin DNA origami devices for molecular-scale precision measurements
  Carlos E. Castro, Hendrik Dietz, and Björn Högberg, MRS Bulletin

MRS Bulletin DNA origami: The bridge from bottom to top
  Anqin Xu, John N. Harb, Mauri A. Kostiainen, William L. Hughes, Adam T. Woolley, Haitao Liu, and Ashwin Gopinath, MRS Bulletin

MRS Communications Hydrogel-based microchannels to measure confinement- and stiffness-sensitive Yes-associated-protein activity in epithelial clusters
  Samila Nasrollahi and Amit Pathak, MRS Communications

MRS Bulletin Nanometrology and super-resolution imaging with DNA
  Elton Graugnard, William L. Hughes, Ralf Jungmann, Mauri A. Kostiainen, and Veikko Linko, MRS Bulletin

MRS Bulletin Sculpting light by arranging optical components with DNA nanostructures
  Mauricio Pilo-Pais, Guillermo P. Acuna, Philip Tinnefeld, and Tim Liedl, MRS Bulletin

MRS Communications Spatially graded hydrogels for preclinical testing of glioblastoma anticancer therapeutics
  S. Pedron, H. Polishetty, A.M. Pritchard, B.P. Mahadik, J.N. Sarkaria, and B.A.C. Harley,
MRS Communications

MRS Bulletin Stretchable bioelectronics—Current and future
  Ishan D. Joshipura, Mickey Finn, Siew Ting Melissa Tan, Michael D. Dickey,
and Darren J. Lipomi, MRS Bulletin

MRS Communications Three-dimensional cell culture of human mesenchymal stem cells in nanofibrillar cellulose hydrogels
  Ioannis Azoidis, Joel Metcalfe, James Reynolds, Shirley Keeton, Sema S. Hakki,
Jonathan Sheard, and Darius Widera, MRS Communications

Energy Focus

MRS Energy & Sustainability Protons and the hydrogen economy
  Qianli Chen and Artur Braun, MRS Energy and Sustainability


Two-Dimensional Crystals
Jennifer DiStefano, Northwestern University

Grand Canyon, a Science as Art second place winner

This SEM image shows crystals of the two-dimensional material molybdenum disulfide (MoS2). Here, we see many of these triangular crystals have merged together to create a stunning scene of MoS2 stars.

A First Place Winner from the Science as Art competition at the 2017 MRS Fall Meeting.

Copyright for all Science as Art images belongs to the Materials Research Society. To request permission to re-use the images, please contact Anita Miller.


From Denticles on Shark Skin to Ship Coating
2017 MRS Science Video Competition

Orlando Auciello. Click to play video

PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARD Winner. Award presented at the 2017 MRS Fall Meeting in Boston.


Career Central Job Board

Partial listing of classified ads from the January 2018 issue of MRS Bulletin

National Taiwan University
Director, Center for Condensed Matter Sciences


New Spiral Evaporator

Asynt announces the new DrySyn Spiral Evaporator—a compact system offering rapid concentration of high boiling solvents such as DMSO, DMF or water, without the need to heat to high temperatures.
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Thin Film Deposition System Platform

A newly optimized entry-level deposition system that is uniquely suited for glovebox integration, the 2018 NANO 36™ Thin Film Deposition System Platform from Kurt J. Lesker Company offers increased deposition capabilities and a smaller system footprint. 
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