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The Materials Research Society's integrated print and electronic media offer unique solutions to your advertising needs.

Journal of Materials Research 

A premier publication devoted to original research encompassing all aspects of materials science, the Journal of Materials Research (JMR) provides a combination of high-quality peer-reviewed research articles consisting of archival papers, materials communications and reviews. Published semi-monthly, JMR provides a consistent level of quality editorial contributions from leaders in the materials research community so you can count on consistent readership and frequent exposures for your advertising message. In addition, JMR’s archival nature extends the length of that exposure, thus maximizing the impact of your sales and marketing strategies.

JMR also offers several focus issues each year providing scientists with in-depth coverage of research on topics such as mechanics of biological and biomimetic materials at small length-scales, nanotubes and nanowires, energy and the environment, laser and particle-beam processing, organic electronics and instrumented indentation.

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Banner Advertisements 

Combined with unrivaled accountability and tangible results, online advertising provides a new level of flexibility and impact. Reach a whole new segment of the market by placing a banner advertisement at a significant traffic point on the MRS website, a one-stop information source for products, government organizations, journals and other data relevant to researchers.

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