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Welcome to the Materials Research Society Press Room.

MRS encourages coverage of its technical meetings, exhibits and other society events and activities by the scientific and general news media.  Our goal is to provide members of the media with news and information for dissemination to the scientific community and general public to help foster appreciation for and further understanding of the contributions and importance of materials research and development.

MRS stands against racism, discrimination and inequality

We firmly believe that diversity strengthens the scientific enterprise and society as a whole. Read statement »

Complimentary Press Passes for MRS Meetings/Workshops

Press passes are issued to editors and reporters representing bonafide news publications only. These passes are not intended for editors whose primary purpose is the acquisition of authors and manuscripts, or for individuals and organizations whose primary objective is of a sales and marketing nature. In addition, please note that a maximum of four press passes will be allotted per company.


MRS Statement on the Situation in Ukraine

March 1, 2022
The Materials Research Society is concerned and saddened about recent, and recurring, events where scientists, and the public at large, are disrupted by violence and political unrest. The Materials Research Society is dedicated to promoting diversity, equity and inclusivity. We believe that all scientists, and all people, should be able to live their lives and pursue their livelihood inside safe environments. Furthermore, we believe that it is vital to allow scientists to conduct their critical work and research outside of changing political climates, civil unrest or any other factors that may inhibit the abilities of researchers to continue to make their valued contributions to improving everyday life for the public at large.


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