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Academic Affairs Committee

The Academic Affairs Committee works to enhance the education of materials students. It is the MRS liaison with the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) and encourages student interactions in MRS activities and governance, as well as in the broader materials community. The committee also addresses student needs through the student chapters, special projects and international initiatives.

Chair: Bruce M. Clemens, Stanford University
HQ Liaison: Pamela S. Hupp, MRS Outreach Coordinator

In this MRS TV interview from the 2013 MRS Spring Meeting, three members of the Academic Affairs Committee—Stan Whittingham, Yury Gogotsi and Jake McDonough—talk about the importance of student chapters as well as how the committee's work fulfills the MRS mission.

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Academic Affairs Subcommittees

  • Accreditation Subcommittee
  • Education Subcommittee
  • International Student Affairs Subcommittee
  • University Chapters and Special Projects Subcommittee