About MRS

Awards Committee

The Awards Committee oversees all society awards according to policies approved by the Board of Directors, arranges for the preparation and presentation of awards, and oversees publicity for all awards.

Co-Chair: Suveen Mathaudhu, University of California, Riverside
Co-Chair: Judith Driscoll, University of Cambridge
HQ Liaison: Lorri Smiley, MRS Professional Services and Awards Coordinator

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Awards Subcommittees

  • Graduate Student Award Subcommittee
  • Innovation in Materials Characterization Subcommittee
  • The Kavli Foundation Early Career Lectureship in Materials Science Subcommittee
  • Materials Theory Award Subcommittee
  • Mid-Career Researcher Subcommittee
  • MRS Fellow Subcommittee
  • MRS Impact Award Subcommittee
  • MRS Medal Subcommittee
  • Outstanding Young Investigator Subcommittee
  • Postdoctoral Awards Subcommittee
  • Turnbull Lectureship Subcommittee
  • Von Hippel Award Subcommittee