The design and manufacturing of materials for use under extreme conditions of temperature, pressure, and radiation are grand challenges that must be addressed before progress is achieved in a variety of advanced technologies.  In response to these challenges, innovative processing techniques are being explored, making use of new computational methods (including machine learning, big data, and large-scale simulations), theoretical methods (including statistical methods to describe bulk processing), and novel approaches to materials manufacturing (including 3D printing).

Specific and recent state-of-the-art topical areas may include:

  • Data-driven approaches, such as machine learning, that can provide initial estimates and predictions of new materials and processing responses.
  • Processing of materials that are multi-responsive, e.g., resistant to degradation under extreme conditions of temperature and pressure or temperature and radiation, etc.
  • Materials design and processing for application in which there are significant temperature fluctuations over short time periods.
  • Design and processing of materials that can withstand extreme shock and impact.

There is a vast span of important temporal scales and length scales, ranging from atomic scale defects to meso-scale microstructure, that should be explored. This requires new computational techniques that address the complexities of chemical and phase compositions; microstructures and nanostructures; nucleation mechanisms; and evolution of grain growth coupled with precipitates and dispersed phases during processing.

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