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Petition to Organize an MRS University Chapter (Word)

Establishment of a University Chapter requires a petition which shall be signed by at least eight students (NO MRS membership required) and by two Faculty Advisors (MRS Membership IS required) who are on the faculty of the academic institution to be served by the proposed University Chapter.


Annual Financial Report (Word)

Each active University Chapter must submit, by April 1, an annual financial report covering the prior calendar year. The report should include a summary of revenue and expenses. For your convenience, an annual financial report form is included in this handbook. The Annual Financial Report is required by MRS Board Policy to retain active chapter status.


Annual Activity Report (Word)

A completed annual activity report for the past academic year must accompany your rebate request, and should be submitted annually to MRS Headquarters no later than 5 p.m. (ET), May 15. If May 15 falls on a weekend, the deadline will be the Monday immediately following.


Chapter Rebate Application

For each chapter member who is also a current student member of MRS, the chapter is entitled to a $10 rebate. Regular members (e.g., faculty advisors) should also be listed on the roster, but will not count toward the rebate.


Travel Reimbursement Form (PDF)

Student members of your university chapter may apply for travel support to attend MRS Spring and Fall Meetings. Each chapter is entitled to $500 per calendar year for this purpose. See handbook for requirements.


Special Projects Program

The Special Projects Program was designed to broaden awareness of materials science education in both professional and nonprofessional communities by providing programs for distribution between university chapters outside of MRS.


Chapter Officer and Faculty Advisor Responsibilities

Chapter officers and faculty advisors must be familiar with the articles of the MRS board policy which govern university chapters. They are responsible for fulfilling such obligations as the annual activity reports.


MRS Board Policy for University Chapters

The MRS Board Policy for university chapters includes basic rules governing the formation and operation of university chapters.