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Dave Parrillo, The Dow Chemical Company

Dave Parillo

Dave Parrillo is an active participant and volunteer within the Materials Research Society.  Dave has been involved and engaged from many angles, including the Technology Innovation Forum, which is designed to bring together the research, industrial, government organizations, non-government organizations, and the startup community. He was a session organizer in 2012 and gave several presentations at the Forum in 2010 and 2011. In addition, Dave served as a meeting chair for the 2014 MRS Spring Meeting and Exhibit in San Francisco, one of the best attended Spring Meetings in the Society’s history.

On January 1, 2016, Dave was unanimously appointed as treasurer and board member for MRS and has served the Society in that role since.  Dave is currently the chair of the Finance Committee and serves on the Governance Committee of the Society.  During his tenure, the Society has increased its financial position each year, allowing the society to engage in increased outreach in our communities, increase our engagement with student chapters and student programs such as the Career Center, and to enhance our funding of MRS meeting programing and MRS publications.  Dave is known for his global industrial leadership in R&D.  During his 24 years of experience in R&D, he has managed teams from all over the world: India, Southeast Asia, Japan, Korea, China, Western and Eastern Europe, Latin America, etc.  In addition, he is known for his business and technical focus, having commercialized numerous award- winning technologies.

Dave holds a Ph.D. in chemical engineering from the University of Pennsylvania and a B.S. in chemical engineering from the University of Rhode Island.  Dave holds board positions in several organizations, including: The External Advisory Board at UC Santa Barbara for Chemical Engineering, The Board of Directors (and Treasurer) for the Materials Research Society, The Board of Directors for the West Midland Family Center, and is a member of the Leadership Council of Manufacturing Foresight.  He holds fifteen U.S. patents, has authored/coauthored twenty publications in scientific literature, and is the recipient of numerous awards, including the Whitney Technical Achievement Award.

Dave is currently the Global R&D Director for Industrial Intermediates and Infrastructure (II&I) within the Materials Science Division of DowDuPont, including businesses of Polyurethanes, Construction Chemicals, Oil and Gas, and Industrial Solutions.  The II&I unit of DowDuPont has $11 billion in sales, and provides specialty solutions in Consumer Comfort, Energy Efficiency, Oil & Gas Processing, Transportation, and Infrastructure.  Prior to this position, Dave also held positions in Dow Packaging & Specialty Plastics, Dow Solar, and Dow Licensing & Catalyst Divisions. The innovations generated from Dave’s teams in these have received numerous awards, including 2015, 2016, and 2017 R&D 100 Awards, the 2015 German Packaging Award, and the 2015 the Ringier Technology Innovation Award.  Previously, Dave held positions at General Electric (Silicone & Plastic Business Units) and Air Products and Chemicals. 

Candidate's Statement

There is an old story about an ant and a grasshopper. It is a classic Aesop fable in which the ant worked hard to prepare for the change in seasons (summer changing to winter) while the grasshopper did not prepare and ultimately payed the price. Today MRS is financially very sound. I should know, I have been the Treasurer over the last 2.5 years. The war chest that we have built over the years is based on the understanding that there is nothing more important than making sure we can continue the good work that the Society does and improve it over time. To be the ant in this story and NOT the grasshopper, one needs to prepare for more than our finances, we need to prepare for all that is necessary for the change in seasons.

As the seasons change, we must continue to focus on the unmet needs of our members. Our MRS member surveys tell us we can do better.  For example, we know that the Spring Meeting attendance was not as robust as we would have liked and we know that moving forward our programming will need to become more relevant.  Our Society will need to become more inclusive and diverse in its makeup and decision making. These changes coupled with the need to continue to do what makes MRS unique (the international balance of our society, the engagement of students, and the blend of disciplines-including industry) will make MRS more meaningful to today’s members. Finally, we must truly step up to one of the most pressing challenges in the sciences today, championing and proactively driving diversity of all kinds in the scientific field. 

This means big changes. Venue changes for our meetings, updated methodologies for programming our meetings, new and faster ways to communicate, continued outreach on diversity and other topics.  We need to challenge the status quo about whom we recommend for Board/other positions, and together do the hard work of inclusion, the practice of egalitarianism, and achieve the result of diversity.  We need qualified women, men, people of all different cultures, and people of all ages, to have a voice and participate in these changes.

Each element of the challenges/opportunities we face, I have successfully tackled in industry with my global teams and with non-profit organizations.  My career in industry and my experience in the non-profit world, gives me the experience to drive these changes and prepare the Society for the change in seasons.  I commit to work on behalf of the members of our Society to drive these changes and maintain the quality of the Society.  I ask for your support to be elected your Vice President of the Materials Research Society.