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2015 MRS Fall Meeting Logo2015 MRS Fall Meeting & Exhibit

November 29-December 4, 2015 | Boston
Meeting Chairs: T. John Balk, Ram Devanathan, George G. Malliaras, Larry A. Nagahara, Luisa Torsi

Activities & Events


David Turnbull Lectureship Award
Jacob Klein of the Weizmann Institute of Science presented "Soft Matter Across the Millennium—From Reptation to Osteoarthritis."
Available for free viewing via MRS OnDemand
Graduate Student Awards
The MRS Graduate Student Awards are intended to honor and encourage graduate students whose academic achievements and current materials research display a high level of excellence and distinction.
Kavli Early Career Award in Nanoscience
Ali Khademhosseini of Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology presented "Nano- and Microfabricated Hydrogels for Regenerative Engineering."
Materials Theory Award
Steven G. Louie of the University of California, Berkeley, presented "Understanding Excited-State Phenomena in Quasi-2D Materials."   
MRS Medal Award
Richard B. Kaner of the University of California, Los Angeles, presented "Synthesis and Applications of Conducting Polymer Nanofibers."
MRS Postdoctoral Awards
Jiamian Hu of The Pennsylvania State University and Beata Layla Mehdi of Pacific Northwest National Laboratory was recognized during the Awards Ceremony.
Von Hippel Award
Sir Richard H. Friend, University of Cambridge, presented "Organic Semiconductors for Optoelectronics." His talk was preceded by the Awards Ceremony.

Featured Events

Chemical Angel Network
As part of MRS Innovation ConneXions, MRS and CAN were pleased to introduce an angel investing program at the 2015 MRS Fall Meeting. This collaboration was geared towards scientists and engineers who have an entrepreneurial ambition.
Data Management Plan—Insights from Program Managers
This panel brought three program officers together to discuss Data Management Plan requirements and to assist researchers in understanding the elements of a compliant plan.
Fred Kavli Distinguished Lectureship in Nanoscience
Yi Cui of Stanford University presented "Nanomaterials Design for Energy and Environment" on Sunday evening.
Materials Hackathon (MatHack)
In just 24 hours, teams gave 30-second pitches of ideas for new materials-related software, presenting the results to an esteemed panel of judges from across the materials field.
MRS Bulletin Special Issue Session

MRS Bulletin unveiled its special issue titled “Materials & Engineering: Propelling Innovation” during this session.  
Available for free viewing via MRS OnDemand
Plenary Session
Chad A. Mirkin of Northwestern University presented "Programmable Materials and the Nature of the DNA Bond" on Monday evening.
Rump Session—Perovskite-Based Photovoltaic and Optoelectronic Devices
This special session followed the regular Tuesday afternoon sessions (III–V Solar Cells) of Symposium NN: Thin-Film and Nanostructure Solar Cell Materials and Devices for Next-Generation Photovoltaics and (Solar Materials) of Symposium OO: Nanomaterials-Based Solar Energy Conversion.  
Special Session—Harry Gatos—His Contributions to the Birth of Electronic Materials Research and MRS
We honored Gatos for both his contributions to the field of materials science and his passion for music.
Student Mixer
Students had fun at various interactive science activities and networked with students from around the globe!
Symposium X—Frontiers of Materials Research

Lunchtime lectures were held Monday through Thursday. Speakers included Arumugam Manthiram, Zhenan Bao, Joanna Aizenberg and Christopher Ober.
Technology Innovation Forum IX

The forum featured innovation and investor topics around materials for light emission and instrumentation using light for materials characterization.  
Tutorial Sessions  
Ten technical tutorials and one broader impact tutorial were offered on Sunday, November 29.
Women in Materials Science and Engineering Breakfast
Delia J. Milliron, University of Texas at Austin, presented "Off the Beaten Path: Path-Making in the STEM Landscape."

Career Central

10+ (Surprising!) Ways You Can Use LinkedIn to Advance Your Career and Profession
Attendees learned how LinkedIn is used by successful people in your field.
ABET Information and Evaluator Retraining Session

This session was open to anyone who wanted to learn more about the accreditation process, was preparing for an upcoming visit or wanted to ask questions about how to prepare their materials department for an accreditation visit.
Career Fair

Highlights included on-site interviews, career development sessions, resume critiques, mock interviews and networking opportunities.
Developing Your 30-Second Statement (aka Your Elevator Pitch)
Attendees learned the fundamentals of branding as it relates to career development and planning strategy.
Essentials of Getting Your Work Published
MRS journal editors-in-chief covered the fundamentals of successful scientific publishing.
Having the Right Stuff: Outstanding Resumes/CVs for Outstanding Career Opportunities in Academia and Industry
Attendees learned the secrets of making your resume/CV one that stands out from the crowd.
Networking for Nerds
Attendees learned how to promote themselves and build a network.  
Poster Presentation Success Seminar

Alaina G. Levine of Quantum Success Solutions taught how to design, prepare and present a winning poster.
Professional Development Workshop—Get Your Voice on the Table—Physical and Vocal Presence at the Meeting
Led by Nancy Houfek of COACh, this workshop was designed to help participants identify their challenges and improve in three areas: body language, vocal skills, and their application to strategic action.
Public Speaking and Communications Seminar

Attendees learned the fundamentals of sharing science with Alaina G. Levine of Quantum Success Solutions.
Science Writing Workshop
An interactive, one-day workshop for researchers, scientists, science educators and students interested in journalism and science writing.

Government Agency Presentations

AFRL/AFOSR Overview to the Materials Research Society
Thomas F. Christian, Jr., of the Air Force Office of Scientific Research, presented an overview of funding opportunities for materials research.
ARPA-E Program Proposal: Selective Ion Conductors and the Future of the Electrochemical Cell
Paul Albertus of ARPA-E presented a prospective program on breakthrough, commercially viable advances in membranes and selective ion conductors that emphasizes the need to achieve numerous properties simultaneously.
Congressional Science and Engineering Fellowship Program Information Session

Attendees learned about the MRS/OSA and MRS/TMS Congressional Fellowships and heard from current and former Fellows about their experiences as scientists in the Senate and House of Representatives.
DOE Basic Energy Sciences—Materials Research Directions and Opportunities
Andrew Schwartz of the U.S. Department of Energy presented.
Horizon 2020—The EU Framework Program for Research and Innovation
James P. Gavigan of the Delegation of the European Union presented the materials research topics foreseen in the 2016–2017 work program.
Materials Science Research Opportunities with the Office of Naval Research

Antti Makinen of the Office of Naval Research presented an overview of materials research programs funded by ONR and the process of submitting a grant proposal to ONR.
Materials Voice
Your letters make a difference. We want to ensure that the commitment by Congress and the Administration to fund science continues.
The NATO Science for Peace and Security Program—Opportunities for International Collaboration
Michael Switkes of NATO discussed the goals of the SPS program and the practical aspects of applying for and holding SPS grants.
Navigating Funding Opportunities in Materials Research at NSF
Linda Sopchak of the National Science Foundation reviewed funding opportunities for materials research.
Science Policy Forum
The MRS Government Affairs Committee sponsored this session to provide insight on the nexus between science and public policy and the ways in which policy can impact the conduct of science.

Science Education and Public Outreach

Public Outreach Center
Exciting hands-on activities, demonstrations, information areas and seminars were offered to engage materials scientists and engineers  
Fun Science Stuff in the Hub: Dazzling Diamonds and the Quantum Revolution
Karine Thate of the Museum of Science, Boston, presented this entertaining stage show.  

Hands-On Nano Coffee Breaks
National science museums, MRSECs and researchers presented stimulating educational outreach through hands-on activities in materials science and nanotechnology.