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iMatSci Innovator Showcase
iMatSci—Innovation in Materials Science provides a platform for technology leaders at universities, research labs and start-up companies to demonstrate the practical applications of innovative, materials-based technologies. 

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Plenary Session Featuring The Fred Kavli Distinguished Lectureship in Materials Science
Ellen D. Williams, Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy, presented Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy—Innovation for Impact. 

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Science as Art
$400 and $200 prizes were awarded at the Meeting. 

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Symposium X
Symposium X—Frontiers of Materials Research features lectures aimed at a broad audience to provide meeting attendees with an overview of leading-edge topics. 

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Tutorial Sessions
On Sunday, November 27, the 2016 MRS Fall Meeting featured eight tutorials covering a variety of topics to complement the technical sessions.



Advocacy Focus Group
The MRS Government Affairs Committee held a focus group to solicit feedback on the current advocacy profile of the Society, both foreign and domestic.

Congressional Science and Engineering Fellowship Program Information Session
Attendees learned about the MRS/OSA and MRS/TMS Congressional Fellowships and heard from current and former Fellows about their experiences as scientists in the Senate and House of Representatives.

Research Funding Opportunities
The Research Funding Opportunities session was refreshed in order to provide more interaction between the government agency presenters and our membership.



David Turnbull Lectureship Award Talk
James De Yoreo, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, presented A Holistic View of Nucleation and Self-assembly.

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Graduate Student Award Finalists' Special Talk Sessions
The MRS Graduate Student Awards are intended to honor and encourage graduate students whose academic achievements and current materials research display a high level of excellence and distinction. 

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Materials Theory Award Talk
Gerbrand Ceder, University of California, Berkeley, and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, presented The Prediction of Stable and Metastable Compounds.

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MRS Medal Award Talk
Robert J. Cava, Princeton University, presented A Materials Perspective on Topological Insulators and Related Electronic Materials

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MRS Postdoctoral Awards
This year's recipients are Qi Li of The Pennsylvania State University, and Yongming Sun of Stanford University. 

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The Kavli Foundation Early Career Lectureship in Materials Science
Andrea Alù, The University of Texas at Austin, presented Designer Matter—Fascinating Interactions of Light and Sound with Metamaterials.

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Von Hippel Award Talk
Charles M. Lieber, Harvard University, presented Nanowires, Nanoelectronics and Revolutionary Tools for Brain Science.

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Career Central

Career Fair
As an extension of MRS’s online Job Board, the Career Fair provided an opportunity for Meeting participants and top employers to discuss career opportunities.

Career Paths in Materials Science and Engineering Panel
This diverse panel of scientists shared their insight about the role of materials science and engineering in their organizations and addressed existing career opportunities at various degree levels.

How to Qualify for a Green Card
Brian Getson of Getson & Schatz discussed the process of applying and key elements to include on your CV. 

Preparing for Your Next Job Interview
The job interview represents an opportunity to match your experience and skill set with the needs of the employer, while offering an in-person view of your strong work ethic, willingness to learn and engaging personality.


Education & Outreach

Public Outreach Center
The Public Outreach Center offered hands-on activities, demonstrations, information areas and seminars to engage future materials scientists and engineers.

Speed Coaching with the Division of Materials Research (DMR)
Program directors were available for a one-on-one conversation in 15-minute time slots on Monday and Tuesday.

Student Mixer
Students enjoyed various interactive science activities and networked with students from around the globe!


Professional Development

ABET Information and Evaluator Retraining Session
This was an informational session and retraining for ABET evaluators and others interested in the accreditation process.

Effective Poster Design Seminar
In this seminar, we discussed the elements of a successful poster and, even more importantly, how to deliver a meaningful, effective poster presentation.

Essentials of Getting Your Work Published
MRS journal editors-in-chief discussed the fundamentals of successful scientific publishing.

Incorporating Sustainability Principles into Your Research
Attendees learned how to incorporate sustainability principles into their research in a more comprehensive way while considering the real-world application of these principles to product design and manufacture.

Professional Development Workshop: Communication Skills for Individual Career Success
In this highly interactive session, participants were provided with the tools they need to develop strong communication skills and thereby facilitate sustainable engagement and success in their careers.

Public Speaking and Communications Seminar
In this seminar, attendees learned the elements of how to deliver a speech, presentation or any kind of public talk with confidence and poise.

Science Communication Panel—How to Use Social Media for Connecting with Colleagues and the Press
This panel discussed how materials researchers can leverage social media as a networking tool as well as a way to promote their work through the press.

Student-Organized Events
This three-day event was composed of four complimentary sub-workshops that focused heavily on writing for academia and industry. The workshops took an interactive approach, encouraging questions and comments from participants, while allowing time for technical criticism and feedback.

Thriving in Diverse Research Groups Workshop
This discussion panel and workshop provided attendees with an opportunity to increase their understanding of equity and diversity issues so that they can create more inclusive environments—in their home lives, academia and throughout their career. An interactive workshop followed that emphasizes strategies which can be used to mitigate implicit bias and the negative stereotype threats that dominate our own lives and those of our students.

Women in Materials Science & Engineering Breakfast
In this focused exploration of emotional intelligence (EQ), the four core EQ skills were discussed, and significant insights from the body of EQ research over the last 20 years highlighted.

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