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Symposium EP07—Tailored DisorderNovel Materials for Advanced Optics and Photonics

Disorder and perturbed periodicity in materials are in the process of becoming a vital research area that has started to show that optical media do not necessarily have to be regular. Photonic materials with deliberately introduced disorder in their respective geometries and compositions show interesting novel and tunable unforeseen properties.

So far, countable scientific achievements have been reported in the areas of biology, materials science, nano-optics and -photonics that, however, already point towards a wealth of interesting effects with several applicative dimensions. This notion could be derived from the finding of structural disorder being often beneficial in nature and being useful as an engineering guide for the development of novel advanced optics and photonics devices.

The general subject of structural disorder is rapidly emerging into an area of interdisciplinary scientific interest, which is however still in its infancy. Therefore, the purpose of this symposium is to bring together specialists from various scientific communities such as physics, biology and materials science and engineering to advance the structural disorder research area based on fundamental and applied research with emphasis on multidisciplinary approaches and fabrication routes. Contributions from the fields of theoretical, applied and computational physics, optics and photonics in biology, materials engineering and nano-patterning are encouraged.

The development of novel approaches and design routes to realize tailored disorder in materials will be one of the main topics of the symposium. Presentations might include various patterning procedures including etching techniques, replica moulding, self-assembly, sol-gel procedures, solid state synthesis, soft lithography, layer-by-layer deposition with the focus on materials functions and properties.

Topics will include:

  • Materials science and engineering of disorder
  • Fabrication approaches and design routes to materials with tailored disorder
  • Wavefunction manipulation (photons, plasmons)
  • Localization and focusing of light (Anderson localization)
  • Random scattering and lasing
  • Optics and photonics in biological systems

Invited Speakers:

  • Marian Florescu (Surrey University, United Kingdom)
  • Satoshi Iwamoto (University of Tokyo, Japan)
  • Wieslaw Krolikowski (Australian National University, Australia)
  • Jordi Martorell (Institute of Photonics, Spain)
  • Luca Dal Negro (Boston University, USA)
  • Mordechai Segev (Physics Department and Solid State Institute, Israel)
  • Ullrich Steiner (Adolphe-Merkle-Institute, Switzerland)
  • Salvatore Torquato (Princeton University, USA)
  • Willem Vos (University of Twente, Netherlands)
  • Martin Wegener (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany)
  • Diederik Wiersma (European Laboratory for Non-linear Spectroscopy, Italy)

Symposium Organizers

Cordt Zollfrank
Technische Universität München
Chair for Biogenic Polymers
49 9421 187 450, cordt.zollfrank@tum.de

Hui Cao
Yale University
Department of Applied Physics School of Engineering and Applied Science
203-432-0683, hui.cao@yale.edu

Claudio Conti
University Sapienza
Department of Physics

Sushil Mujumdar
Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
91 22 2278 2459/2195, mujumdar@tifr.res.in

Keywords for Abstract Submission

Anderson Localization, Bioinspired Materials, Biological Systems, Disordered Materials, Electromagentic Wave Manipulation, Random Lasing