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Science in Video (SciVid)

2018 Winners

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Back row, left to right: Bilen Akuzum (2nd place),  Babak Anasori (SciVid organizer),  Stephen Aldersley (sponsor and president, Goodfellow); Front row, left
to right: Simge Uzum (2nd place), Stephanie Castillo (1st place), Antoni Forner Cuenca (accepting for Rodrigo M. Ortiz de la Morena, People’s Choice),
Vladislav Khayrudinov (3rd place); Missing: Duanduan Han (Honorable Mention)

1st Place 
Little Silicon is a Big Deal

 Produced by Stephanie Castillo, Alice Leach, Vanderbilt University, USA

2nd Place
Smart Textiles, Future of Fashion

Produced by Simge Uzun, Bilen Akuzum, Genevieve Dion, Yury Gogotsi, Drexel University, USA

3rd Place
Nanowires Tiny Structures that Shape the Future of Humanity

Produced by Vladislav Khayrudinov, Aalto University, Finland

People’s Choice Award
What are SAMS

Produced by Rodrigo M. Ortiz de la Morena, University of St. Andrews, Scotland

Honorable Mention Award
3D Printed Rigid Biodegradable Oil Absorbents

Produced by Duanduan Han, Texas A&M University, USA

Sponsored by

Material Research Society Foundation


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