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2015 MRS Fall Meeting Logo2015 MRS Fall Meeting & Exhibit

November 29-December 4, 2015 | Boston
Meeting Chairs: T. John Balk, Ram Devanathan, George G. Malliaras, Larry A. Nagahara, Luisa Torsi

Symposium KK—Materials and Technology for Non-Volatile Memories

This symposium will cover the scientific and technological exploration of materials, devices and technologies for emerging non-volatile memories. A wide range of topics will be covered from fundamental material properties, nonvolatile memory devices, and integration issues, to demonstration and commercially available devices. Contributions are expected to explore the use of either inorganic or organic materials as well as inorganic/organic hybrid materials to realize deep nanoscale memory nodes. The focused areas include; semiconducting and metallic nanocrystal memories, SONOS, MRAM, FeRAM, ReRAM, chalcogenide materials, nanoelectromechanical systems, as well as polymer materials and molecular memories. The importance of this technological field is increasing since incumbent semiconductor non-volatile devices such as Flash memory are now facing serious future scaling problems. Recently, significant research effort has been focused worldwide on the realization of a nonvolatile memory with the characteristics of very fast random-access-memories and long data retention times. Nonvolatile memories are one of the most valuable products of the semiconductor industry. Moreover, application of nonvolatile memory devices to flexible electronics is an interesting approach. These trends have been confirmed by the increasing number of submitted abstracts in the field compared to the previous symposiums.

Topics will include:

  • New materials and architectures for charge-trapping memories
  • Fuse-Antifuse type systems
  • Advances in nanoelectromechanical memory device concepts
  • Advances in Graphene and carbon-nanotube memories
  • Advances in unified memory concepts
  • Reliability issues for non-volatile memories
  • Advances in techniques for the formation of semiconducting or metallic nanocrystals in an insulator matrix for nanofloating-gate memories
  • Advances in 3D integration and multibit storage devices
  • Ferroelectric materials and memory devices (FeRAM)
  • Multiferroic materials and devices
  • Magnetoresistive memory devices (MRAM)
  • Resistive switching memories (ReRAM)
  • Materials and technology for electrically controlled resistive switching concepts
  • Transparent and flexible memory devices and materials
  • Advances in materials and technology of Phase Change Memory devices
  • Advances in Polymer materials and molecular systems for memory devices

Invited Speakers:

  • Ludovic Goux (IMEC, Belgium)
  • Sung-Hyun Jo (Crossbar, USA)
  • Alex Kotov (SST-Microchip, USA)
  • Luca Larcher (University of Modena, Italy)
  • Dennis Newns (IBM, USA)
  • Pierre Noé (LETI, France)
  • Barbara De Salvo (LETI, France)
  • Akihito Sawa (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Japan)
  • Tony Schenk (NaMLab, Germany)
  • Luc Thomas (TDK-Headway Technologies, USA)
  • Philip Troullouid (IBM, USA)
  • Jianhua Yang (University of Massachusetts, USA)

Symposium Organizers

Eisuke Tokumitsu
Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
Green Devices Research Center

Guohan Hu
IBM T. J. Watson Research Center

Hyunsang Hwang
Pohang University of Science and Technology
Dept. Mat. Sci. and Eng
Republic of Korea

Gabriel Molas